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    is Gerry Ilagan. I'm into Mobile & WordPress development. I blog about the ConnectedPhone, Internet of Things, #crazyidea's.

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    I write articles, reviews, projects focusing on Electronics and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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    I like to code stuff. Here are some of the iOS, WordPress and Android stuff i've created.

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    Are you looking for someone to work on your iPhone/iPad app or WordPress web site? Let's talk.

The computer is the phone. The phone is the computer.

If you're interested in mobile apps development, you can join me on the Apps.Mp Group using your Telegram app.

ESP32 H.A.N.D. Project

When the ESP8266, the predecessor to the ESP32, came out, I was hoping for a chip with lots of I/Os but more importantly something that has both WiFi and Bluetooth built into the chip.

It happened — Espressif launched the ESP32 chip and this got me very excited. At last, a small, versatile and powerful chip that supports a lot of the, in my opinion, needed features and functions that makes a great chip for both electronic hobbyists and commercial applications.

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