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Minimize to tray icon your Thunderbird (and anything) in Ubuntu Linux

I’ve been using Thunderbird for quite a while. When I was using Thunderbird on Windows, I’ve used this plugin called “Minimize to tray” which allows me to de-clutter my task bar and put Thunderbird into the Windows tray area as an icon. Now that I’m using Ubuntu, I’ve miss the plugin (it only works under Windows) and would want the same functionality in my Ubuntu Linux setup.

This morning, I tried searching for something that will give me the same functionality under my Ubuntu Linux. After a couple of Googling, I came upon a little Linux application which allows me to minimize my Thunderbird software into the Gnome panel notification area in Ubuntu. And guess what, not only can I minimize Thunderbird, I can also minimize any other application I want into the notification area. It’s a cool app to miss out on so I thought I’d write about it here and how to get it installed in your Ubuntu machine.

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Get an openline / unlocked iPhone from Apple

You read it right! Now you can get an unadulterated, pristine openline / unlocked iPhone directly from Apple. The web page even says “iPhone 3G purchased at the Apple Online Store can be activated with any wireless carrier. Simply insert the SIM from your current phone into iPhone 3G and connect to iTunes 8 to complete activation.” Don’t believe me? I did a screen capture of the web page:

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Pinoy Ubuntu, WordPress, Firefox User

Feeling a bit artistic 😉 and inspired (by the “proudly pinoy” logo) this morning, I decided to create some logos for the Pinoy Ubuntu, Pinoy WordPress and Pinoy Firefox user. I wonder just how many Pinoy Ubuntu, WordPress and Firefox users are out there.


If you’re a Pinoy Ubuntu, WordPress or Firefox user, I’d like to hear about it. Feel free to use the logo if you like it.

WordPress admin menu solution to solving screen real estate

I think believe WordPress is a great blog online publishing software and I use WordPress on this blog and also in several other sites. For instance I use it in JavaMidlet to write about news and articles about mobile Java. I’ve also converted from a previous CMS the Ortigas Online site to WordPress and actually using it as a CMS (more on this later).

Several days back, I’ve read about the recent plan of WordPress to change the admin menu in version 2.7 from a horizontal one to a new vertical menu. Didn’t make it to the survery so I’d just want to write about a suggestion I have on how to handle the menu change due to user requests to handle screen space.

First of all I think that the location of the menu is just fine where it is right now (on top). Most of us if not all use software that have menus on top — Windows, Linux, MacOS, Solaris … I think it’s just easier to navigate if the menus are on top — consistently in just one place.

If the issue is screen real estate, I think there’s a simple and elegant solution to that problem that is currently being used by the operating systems that most of us use right now. That is use auto-hiding top heading / menu.

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Upgraded to VirtualBox 2.0.2 on Ubuntu

vbox logo2 gradient

I’ve just finished upgrading from VirtualBox 1.6.4 to VirtualBox 2.0.2 and I must say that the VirtualBox team has really done a great job in version 2.0.2. I still haven’t tried new support of VirtualBox for 64 bit guest machines because I am using the 32-bit version of Ubuntu.

One of the more obvious improvements that I readily found is in the seamless mode. Seamless mode in Virtualbox allows you to integrate you guest machine’s desktop into the host machines desktop. When I was using version 1.6.4, seamless mode was not too useful since my Windows guest machine would simply hang up.

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WordPress 2.6.2 released

Just to let you know if you’re using WordPress, version 2.6.2 has been released and available for download.

WordPress version 2.6.2 is a security release so it’s a good idea to update your site if you’re using WordPress. The security fix is specially required if you are allowing users to register on your WordPress blog.

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