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LED light bulbs breakthrough

A breakthrough in using LED technology to replace the household light bulb has been made by the Cambridge University. The LED bulb which is estimated to cost about $4 will last up to 60 years. The LED bulbs which is a lot smaller than the normal household tungsten bulb is 12 times more efficient. It is also eco-friendly because it doesn’t contain mercury.

What’s even better is that the new technology can reduce the proportion of electricity used for lights from 20 percent to just a mere 5 percent a year. Normally the LED bulb would have cost $500 based on the technology we currently use of creating LED lighting. The breakthrough that brought the cost down was attributed to Cambridge University’s discovery of creating the gallium nitride material needed for the LED bulbs from ordinary silicon wafers instead of the more expensive sapphire wafers. Production of the bulb is on the way and is estimated to arrive in 2 years. [via Mail Online]


Rumored Sidekick LX 2009 cell phone

The Sidekick mobile phone is quite popular and has had a loyal following especially in the entertainment industry. Danger, the company behind Sidekick, was actually bought by Microsoft a while back. It looks like a new model of Sidekick LX is coming out. The sleek and thinner look feels good. A quick look at the photo shows that the new Sidekick LX has more curves especially where the keyboard meets the left and right “handle bars”.

Other welcome features include social networking apps, large screen with higher resolution. Oh and from the looks of it, it’s now finally going to have 3G (keeping fingers crossed that it will be 3.5G) and GPS. [via HipTop3]


Dual SIM Android cell phone coming up

General Mobile will be showing off a dual SIM Android cell phone at the Mobile World Congress next month. The mobile phone is said to have a 624MHz Marvell processor, 5 megapixel camera with flash and autofocus, Wifi, and bluetooth. The rendered image and specs look pretty except for the lacking 3G / 3.5G capability. Plus a not too sweet 400×240 pixel display. I think mobile phones this size show at least have a 700 pixel resolution. Better make that 800. [via Android Authority]


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Internet Explorer 8 RC1 free download available

If you want to take a peek at Microsoft’s next version of the Internet Explorer web browser, you can now download a pre-release version from their website. MS Internet Explorer version 8 RC1 (release candidate 1) can now be downloaded from their web site. I better download it now to check if my site will display properly for MSIE version 8. For you who are still using Microsoft Internet Explorer v6 you may want to consider upgrading to a newer version.

Some features of IE 8 include accelerators, InPrivate browsing, Web Slices, Search suggestions, Instant search and SmartScreen Filter. You can learn more about them here.

Getting artistic with ethernet cat5 cables

While browsing this morning I came across this cool way harness your artistic gifts with an ordinary category-5 ethernet cable. Gizmodo posted this neat creations of soldiers and all sorts of armaments by fresh99. I agree Gizmodo, it’s something that’s definitely worth an art exhibit. My favorite is the photo of different weapons — I never thought you can build so much firepower with mere wires! I hope they all have proper permits and licenses.

ethernet cable soldier15

Check out the other photos at fresh99 (via Gizmodo)

How to setup Netbeans for Android development

When Google released the Android open mobile platform, they have made an Eclipse plugin to be able to develop Android software using the Eclipse IDE. If you’re a Netbeans user, don’t worry because you can use Netbeans for creating Android applications also. Several guys created a Netbeans plugin that makes it possible to do Android software development under Netbeans.


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Group orders for Linux netbooks

A while ago, someone commented on my post entitled “Linux netbook market share dwindling down” about a problem he was having in buying a Linux based netbook. He was interested in an Acer Aspire One that has a hard drive instead of an SSD. The configuration was being offered in his location but is pre-installed with Windows. He wanted a refund on the Windows because he’s not going to use it.

It got me thinking. Maybe it would be a good idea if Linux users who want a certain configuration can be grouped together to form as a basis for ordering the computers and then have the manufacturer fill in that order as a group. That way we can get the configuration that we want and the manufacturer can get the sale plus the satisfied customer.

I don’t know if such a process exists so please post a comment if you know of one. It’s a good idea also since the order will be pooled into a single purchase and maybe it can also be discounted. One obstacle I see is filling up the order — but with most big manufacturers being computerized and globally represented I think it will just be a matter of paperwork.

What do you think?

Automatic iPod-like detection for other devices in Banshee / Rhythmbox

If you have an Apple iPod and are using Ubuntu Linux, do you notice that whenever you plug in your iPod into the USB Banshee or Rhythmbox (and other Ubuntu Linux media players) is able to detect it automagically? You can actually setup your other devices like cell phones, external USB storage devices and other media players to be detected as well.

The only single requirement for you to be able to do this is that Ubuntu Linux should be able to detect your device (mobile phone, other media players) as a external USB storage device. The procedure is actually very simple and easy to setup. All you need to do is create a file named “.is_audio_player” in the root storage directory of the device.

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