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Step by step guide: How to write a Linux virus

Here’s something to think about. Geekzone has published a step by step guide on how to create a virus under Linux. I’ve always had the idea that viruses and malware is possible even in Linux and the only thing it’s not talked a lot about is because:

  • Makers of such things would rather concentrate on Windows which has a big user base
  • It’s harder to create such things on Linux

What do you think?

Qualcomm helps bring “mobile guest” applications to reality

Imagine this, “You come into a coffee shop as a “mobile guest“, you order something. You check if you have enough electronic cash on your mobile phone. Pay for it with your cell phone using secure short range wireless communications meant for transactions.”

Qualcomm is bringing this closer to reality with it’s recently released near field communication technology embedded into certain models of it’s chipset products. Qualcomm is helping accelerate the commercial availability of mobile handsets featuring the short-range technology and is engaged with leading NFC solutions providers to develop reference designs based on the Company’s Mobile Station Modem™ (MSM™) chipsets. NFC is a short-range wireless connectivity technology operating at 13.56 MHz and transferring data at up to 424 Kbps.

NFC technology is well suited for payment, mass transit, ticketing and other similar applications requiring a quick and secure contactless exchange of data between devices that are in close proximity to each other. [via Qualcomm]

Android SDK 1.1 release 1 now available

android robot

The Android development team has just made available version 1.1 release 1 of the Android SDK. This is inline with the recent updates to Android devices providing new features and functionality. API changes are quite minor. Several items have been fixed, some new features for the Map and dialer have been added, plus several API changes. You can check out the release notes.

Download Android SDK 1.1 release 1.

Nokia Maps 3.0 Beta released

The Nokia Betalabs has released Maps 3.0 Beta. The new version of Nokia Maps now supports the S60 3rd Ed FP1 platform. In addition, there are also some new features/enhancements to the previous release:

  • Start-up sequence takes you to your current position as soon as position is found. If your position is not found in few seconds, you are taken to last known position
  • You can rotate the map, so you can for example view 3D landmarks from all directions. Just press 4 and 6 in map view. Pressing 5 takes you back to ‘north up’ view
  • In 3D view mode, you can tilt the view by pressing 2 and 8
  • 2D/3D mode works with all map modes, i.e. with Map/Satellite/Terrain
  • My Favourites menu is cleaned up and History list is moved higher in menu
  • My Places has option “Point me to” for any saved place/landmark, you the direction to that place on the map
  • In addition to the synchronisation of Favourites and Collections with Ovi MapsBeta and vice versa (use in online mode, enable Internet connection), you can now plan routings on Ovi MapsBeta and synchronise to your device
  • Lots of bug fixes

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Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G: The fastest DX-format lens

To all you photography afficionados who use a Nikon digital camera, Nikon has announced the AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G lens. It’s Nikon’s first fixed focal length DX-format lens. The AF-S NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G lens is scheduled to be available at Nikon authorized dealers beginning March 2009 with an estimated selling price of $199.95 (estimate).

AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G

The AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G features a large maximum aperture of f/1.8 enabling effortless handheld shooting in dark settings, such as a dimly lit room. This lens makes it easy to create large, beautiful blur effects. And the built-in Silent Wave Motor (SWM) ensures fast, quiet autofocus, even with SLR models that do not have a built-in motor, such as the D40 series and D60.


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Photography as a hobby

I’ve decided to start learning and collecting information about photography today. Since one of my goals this year is to buy myself a DSLR camera I thought that while saving money for the digital camera, I’d start blogging and posting about the topic. It’s a way for me to put up an online archive that I can go refer to again while learning.

To start off things, I’ve made some changes to my blog to include a separate category on photography. I’m currently looking for some photo gallery plugins for WordPress. I’ll post more about this later.

If you’re into photography as a hobby or even as a profession, please post a comment or contact me. Maybe we can learn photography together online and help each other out.

Psion’s Netbook trademark confirmed

It seems that Psion’s trademark ownership for the term “netbook” has been confirmed by no less than Google. JKontherun was informed by Psion that Google has investigated the trademark ownership because of it’s impact to Google’s ad network. After the confirmation, it looks like that ad customers will not be able to use netbook as a term in Google ads.

With all the promotion to the term netbook that has been going on to the point it has become a byword, I also wonder like JKontherun what will now be the better term as replacement?

Maybe Psion can just let us use the term and just go after those who would actually use it as a name of a product. Reminds me of Frigidaire and refrigerator which I sometimes use interchangeably.

Samsung store for Symbian and Windows Mobile software now live

Samsung Mobile has just launched it’s very own store front of Symbian or Windows Mobile software for Samsung cell phones. If you’re a proud owner of a Samsung mobile phone you can now easily find a mobile application for your cell phone with ease. The Samsung Mobile shop also offers downloads of freely available software for different Samsung cell phone models.

The Samsung store will not only benefit the end users. The opening of the Samsung store is also beneficial to mobile software developers creating software for Samsung cell phones. This provides them with another avenue for selling their Symbian / Windows Mobile software applications that run on a Samsung mobile phone. Checkout the Samsung Mobile Store. (via Mobile Burn)


Acer Android mobile phone: Rumor or Truth

It looks like Boy Genius’ smart radar caught a photo of an upcoming Acer mobile phone. What’s blurry besides the photo is whether the cell phone, which might be announced in the upcoming Mobile World Congress this February, is powered by Android or not. The Acer mobile phone has a sliding keyboard and … that’s about it for now on the specs I guess.

We’ll just have to wait until next week when the Mobile World Congress opens up in Barcelona, Spain. Wish we could all join Acer in the announcement plus see all the other mobile goodies just waiting to get released to the public. Want to make a bet on how many Android mobile phones will be announced at the Mobile World Congress? Anyway, here’s the photo of the rumored (for now) Acer Android mobile phone courtesy of Boy Genius Report.