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Mobile Internet in the Philippines using 3G

This is my first week since I’ve decided to set myself up to be as mobile as possible when it comes to getting connected on the Internet. Since I like microblogging via Twitter, I’ve bought a copy of the Gravity Twitter mobile app. This week I’ve decided to find a way to use my Nokia 5800 mobile phone as a mobile 3G router. I found this mobile app called JoikuSpot. It’s basically an app that turns a wifi-equipped Symbian phone into a 3G hotspot.

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Online life using a connected phone

This year, one of the things I’ve decided was to spend more time on this site. Realizing what this means have led me to a couple of things. One is that I should spend some time setting up my currently main mobile phone, Symbian-based Nokia 5800XM, to perform some of the tasks that I would usually do on my notebook computer.

The other thing is to get myself to use my mobile phone instead of my notebook computer to do these tasks so that I would get myself used to doing them on my mobile phone during those times I find myself without a computer at my side.

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Avatar surpasses 1 Billion dollars, so what

I have never been a believer of measuring the greatness of a movie in terms of gross box office sales. One billion US dollars in gross box office ticket sales in 2009 has an entirely different meaning compared to a decade back. For instance, “Gone with the Wind”, a movie shown in 1939 grossed 390 million dollars. Do you know how much that’s worth in 1939? Titanic, another James Cameroon movie, grossed 1.8 billion USD a decade back when ticket prices cost 4.59 USD.

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