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Managing files with extended attributes on Mac OS X

I’ve recently learned something on the Mac OS X — Extended Attributes. It’s those files where you’d see the at-sign (@) at the end of file permissions when you do an ‘ls -l‘ command on a Mac OS X terminal. I encountered them when I was trying to modify the firmware on my Android based Samsung Spica mobile phone. When I started manipulating the firmware files I’ve downloaded, I noticed that I would have extra files while creating a tar file.

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Samsung Spica upgraded to Android 2.1

It’s been almost a month now since I’ve bought my Samsung Spica aka GT-I5700 from a Samsung Mobile store in the Philippines. Since then, I’ve read that one of the local mobile network provider, Globe Telecom, has offered the Samsung Spica for free at Plan 1800. If you prefer an openline or network unlocked Samsung Spica, you can go to mobile shops and buy one for as low as Php 13,800. If you are planning to flash the firmware, then you’d be better off with a network unlocked mobile phone.

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New MacBook Pro with i5 and i7 Intel CPU

Apple has launched today its upgraded MacBook Pro line of notebooks. One thing I noticed, besides the new i5 and i7 Intel CPU’s are the better battery performance of the new MacBook Pros (MBP). The new MBP now boasts of up to 10 hours between battery recharge for the 13-inch MacBook Pro and 8-9 hours for the 15-inch and 17-inch MBP. The previous MBP’s are rated only at 7 hours — which is already very good in my opinion. I’ve used other brands of notebooks and I can only get as much as 2 hours out of them.

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Ovi Maps with Navigation simply works

I’m starting off my comparision of the Symbian based Nokia 5800 XpressMusic with the Android based Samsung Spica on this post. Both phones are in the same price point and has the basic features of the new breed of smartphones – touchscreens and GPS.

Last Friday was a Philippine holiday, the Ilagan family has decided to spend the holiday weekend at the Matabungkay beach in Batangas. I have recently decided to spend more time using a mobile phone for other things beside voice communication and text messages. On the trip, I’ve decided to compare getting directions using the free Ovi Maps with Navigation and Google Maps with direction.

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Android mobile phones in the Philippines

Updated: You can now read my Android Philippines section for more info about Android phones.

Mobile phones that are based on the Android open mobile platform has been increasing in number in the Philippines. It got a slow start with the introduction of the HTC Magic by one of the mobile network providers in the Philippines. I have currently identified several Android based mobile phones that have been officially released on Philippine shores. Here’s a list of the Android mobile phones you can buy at a mobile phone shop in the Philippines.

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Syncing a Nokia mobile phone with Mac OS X

I use a Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic mobile phone and there’s no PC Suite on Mac OS X. But unlike Ubuntu Nokia actually created ways to sync their Symbian based mobile phones with Mac OS X data. I found that after a couple of software installs, I can sync my mobile phone contacts, calendar, music, photos, bookmarks and videos to my Mac notebook.

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