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The 8-hour battery is enough reason to buy a MacBook

I’ve always bought other notebook brands in the past. This year I’ve decided to get a MacBook Pro for one special reason — I want to create an iPhone app. That means I would need to use Mac OS X because developing an iPhone mobile app. The other reason is so that I could test the web sites I create on the Mac. But not everyone needs the reasons I just mentioned to buy a Macbook.

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Using the Maemo based Nokia N900 mobile phone

The Nokia N900 computer phone has been available in the market for quite a while and it has been available in the Philippines for several months already. You can buy the N900 in mobile phone shops in the Ortigas Center.

For several weeks, I am trying Nokia N900 courtesy of Womworld / Nokia. I’ve already posted an N900 unboxing article and how to sync the Maemo mobile phone with the Mac OS X Addressbook and Calendar using iSync.

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