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Samsung Galaxy S Android phone to get version 2.2

The Samsung Galaxy S which is currently available from Globe Telecoms might soon be getting a welcome update to Android version 2.2 also known as the Froyo version if the global update includes the Philippines. There are several enhancements to the Froyo version of Android but speed is probably the most welcome. Android Froyo offers 2-5 times improvement in the speed of mobile apps. Read more

More Android cell phones in the Philippines

It’s been a while since I’ve made an updated list of the available Android mobile phones in the Philippines. I recently had a look at the mobile phone shops to find out what new Android mobile phones are now available locally. It looks like some more Android phones have already started to find its way in cell phone shops.

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Turning down a cool million dollars

It’s not everyday that someone wins a prize of one million dollars. A cool million can buy a lot of things. That amount is enough to fund a small startup in the Philippines. It’s even enough money to buy a decent house, everything in it, a car and retire comfortably from the interest of what would be left. But I guess, conviction/beliefs are more important than fame and fortune.

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Pushing forward with Location Based services

I’ve started on my idea of putting up location based services several years back. It started out as a hobby to put up the Ortigas Online web site to host a map and directory of shops, offices and buildings located in Ortigas Center. My idea back then was for people to be able to easily find establishments in Ortigas on the web. Actually it was more so that I can easily find them when I’m looking for a place in Ortigas since I worked in the area.

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