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The Connected Phone evolution

Recently my wife decided to join the new generation of people that have an always connected phone. She decided that it’s going to be an iPhone for her. With the recent introduction of the Apple iPhone 4S in the local market, she decided to get one from Globe. With her officemate getting an iPhone from Smart, I decided to make a comparison between the two offerings in order to help other people in weighing their decision if they wanted to get an iPhone.  

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MacBook Air and the iPad combined into 1 iDevice

I have this crazy idea that Apple would decide to combine a MacBook Air and an iPad into one iDevice. Although you might say that I should get an ASUS Transformer Prime, it is actually not what I had in mind. I want something better than that. A mobile device that gives a mobile user the best of both worlds. The benefits of an instant on device like the iPad and the availability of a workhorse like the MacBook.

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KIRF iPhone 4 looks like the real thing until…

I was able to borrow one of those KIRF (Keeping it Real Fake) iPhone 4. I decided to take some photos of the fake iPhone 4 side by side with the real thing. I must say, it’s really hard to spot the difference between the two by just physically looking at it.

When I got to hold the fake iPhone 4, I noticed that it was a bit lighter than the real iPhone 4. The thing that gave away its fakiness is when I started to turn on the iPhone. It doesn’t have the Retina display of the real thing among other things.

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