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Solar Roads and Pavements are the FUTURE

When I saw what a couple is trying to do to alleviate our current predicament of depending too much on fossil fuel, I can not help but do my share by writing about it here on iGerry.


Scott and Julie is trying to solve the problem of fossil fuel dependency in a global way by using solar energy on pavements and roadways to provide the world with an unlimited supply of energy using the Sun. You can read about it more from their Indiegogo project page or their web site Solar Roadways.

Apple File Manager app for iOS 8

I have been using iOS for quite some time. I’ve been seeing rumors that the next iPhone will have a bigger screen which personally is good but I’d rather have an exceptionally great battery life than anything else for the next iPhone. It turns out that I’m not alone at all in this. Reading an article on BGR, based on a survey of WalletHero, it turns out that 97% of survey respondents want better battery life.

Photo from 9to5mac

On the software side, every year Apple introduces a version of iOS with new features including a complete overhaul of the UI in iOS 7. With just several days before WWDC 2014 where Apple is expected to introduce iOS 8 with it’s new features. At this point everyone is sharing their own ideas of what features would make the iOS experience all the more better.

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Sony Xperia Z charging dock (DIY)

There was a time when buying a mobile device such as the Palm Pilot meant having a dock included in the package. Nowadays we’d seldom see smartphones packaged with docks until Sony started creating Android based Xperia phones.

I’ve owned a number of Xperia phones, the latest being the Xperia Z. One of the things I love with my Xperia Z is the fact that it’s water resistant. I don’t have to worry about getting it wet — I think all mobile phones these days should be at least water resistant. When I got my Xperia Z, the dock wasn’t available yet, at least locally.

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Woz delivers a Mac

It’s not everyday that you see Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, the multi-billion dollar technology company that makes all our iPhones, iPads and Macs, deliver a Mac computer right at the doorstep.

Check out the video below and see how shocked Emma, the owner of the Mac, was.

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