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Filipinos showcase Blender creations

Blender is an open source 3D animation software that runs on Ubuntu and other Linux distros. The software has created a large number of followers around the world. Being at par with commercial grade 3D animation software, it has been used commercially. A popular example would be the movie Spiderman 2.

Talented Filipino animators have also been using Blender and has resulted into a community of users. Below’s a video sample created by a Filipino animator named “Reynante”. He actually uses other open source software like Gimp, Audacity and VirtualDub for his creative work.

[youtube: 540 437]

These animators can be found frequenting the Pinoy Blender forum which has become a showroom of their works and a place to help each other use Blender.

Open Office 3.0 now available!


After several years into development, Open Office (a free and open source alternative to Microsoft Office) version 3.0 has been released. Now if I could only get to download a copy and upgrade. Looks like the whole Internet community is converging on their web site — still getting errors visiting their web site.

Oh well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to wait for a couple of days for the upgrade.

Youtube full-length shows: Star Trek

In the continuing saga of the world’s transition into the digital broadcasting technology, Youtube has put full length episodes of the original Star Trek series online. This is just the beginning. We’ll soon see more full length videos as a result of the partnership between CBS and Google.

Here’s a playlist of the original Star Trek series. Too bad it’s not available for viewing from the Philippines (like Hulu). 🙁

The new PSP 3000 unboxed

Early Christmas for Aaron G when he snatched the chance to get an early BestBuy offer for the still to be released PSP 3000. The package includes National Treasure 2, Ratchet and Clark and a still measly 1GB Memory Stick Duo. The PSP 3000 offers a brighter and less reflective screen for using the game console outdoors. It also now has a built-in microphone and non-HD video output.


Photo courtesy of Engadget. See some more photos of the unboxed PSP 3000 at Engadget. The PSP 3000 is expected to hit the US stores on October 14, 2008 and we’ll probably see them on eBay and other local online auction sites soon. sold for $15M (blog about banking, financial news, credit) just got sold for a cool 15 million US dollars. The site is being maintained by a single person — Johns Wu. From what I’ve read on my email, Johns started the site to provide financial for students going into college. It seems that Bankrate has acquired the blog site and according to the agreement Johns Wu will continue to maintain the blog even after the acquisition.

Wow, this is the first time I’ve heard of a blog being sold for 15 million. Look’s like Johns won’t be having any more money problems not that his site isn’t making him a bundle right now.

Is there a GPS service in the Philippines?

I’m not aware of a GPS service in the Philippines but a friend has been asking how he could use his Mio GPS device here in the Philippines so I thought I’d post it here and see if anyone reading this might know if a GPS service exists in the Philippines.

I know there are some form of location-based services from the Telcos like Smart and Globe Telecom but these are cell site based services and don’t use GPS.