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How To: Install Ubuntu Linux on HP Compaq C700 (Part 2)

Last time I posted what will work out of the box when you install the Ubuntu Hardy Linux distro on a HP Compaq C793TU notebook. Today, I’m spending some time writing about how to make some of the other things work like for example the Atheros wifi chip on a Compaq C793TU and dual head monitors that automatically configures itself whether there is an external monitor or none connected.

On this post, I’m also writing some special setup that I have that others might be interested like using a stereo bluetooth headset and a bluetooth mouse on the Compaq Presario C793TU.

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How To: Install Ubuntu Linux on HP Compaq C700 notebook

I recently bought an HP Compaq C700 notebook (Presario C793TU) and installed the Ubuntu Hardy linux distro. Before buying the notebook, I made some checking on Linux support for the Presario C793TU and it turned out great! I’ve gotten every device on the HP notebook to work under Ubuntu including 3GB of memory (published specs of the C793TU is only 2GB).

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Just finished installing the template

I’ve finished installing the theme for my personal blog. I’ve made it as simple and clean looking as possible. I’ve also created my own site logo and favicon.

The Inkscape svg editor has been very useful in creating graphics. It’s actually full of features and it’s freely available to everyone. I only wish there was a way to export to the windows icon format so that I don’t have to convert using Gimp.

If you’re looking for a free, full-featured SVG editor that’s also available in other platforms like Linux besides Windows, try taking a look at Inkscape.

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