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It’s good to be blogging again

Wow, it’s good to be able to blog once again. After several weeks of not touching my blog, I’ve missed a lot on my other interests. In my succeeding posts, I’ll tell you more about what happened and the things that I’ve discovered during the last several weeks. It actually started when I got surfing on the Net looking for a good source of information about photography.

I came across a site called Digital Photography School. It’s a great site if you want to start learning digital photography like I do. What’s even greater is that I found another web site of the same author, Darren Rowse, called Problogger. Problogger completely changed my view of blogging from a mere means of getting extra money to pay for some of my gadgets.

Darren actually provides a wealth of information and advice on how blogging can be a primary source of income. I’ve been reading up on a lot of the articles at Problogger and have learned a lot from them. From tips on writing, SEO, marketing and social networking. It got me thinking on how I could apply them on the different topics that I am interested and find a way to earn more serious money.

Since my interests are on reading and talking about technology, I began to think how I can earn a living from them. One of the things that I learned is the fact that the name of a web site plays a big role in getting people to find your site via the search engines. is not necessarily the ideal domain for talking about things like mobile technology, wordpress, games, the Philippines or even photography, I’ve decided to use domains that are more appropriate to the my topics of interests. Of course it’s going to be a bit hard trying to write on several blogs and at the same time trying to maintain them.

During the past days, I’ve been doing some development work to create a single WordPress theme that will allow me to maintain several blogs with more ease. I’ve finished an initial working version which I’ll tell you more about in the succeeding days to come. I’ll probably post some WordPress plugins that I made which can be useful to others so stay tuned.

By the way, Thanks Darren for such very useful articles.

Gerry Ilagan

Gerry Ilagan is into mobile apps and WordPress development at @speeqs. He loves to write about electronics, the Internet of Things, mobile phones, and #crazyideas.

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