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Make Money: How to integrate Amazon aStore to a WordPress blog

One of the many ways to make money is to sell items from the Amazon online store. has made it easy for anyone to make money online by selling the products available on their shop. All you need is to follow some steps and you’ll be able to start making money online via referral fees on the products that were sold.

What makes it even better is that if you have a WordPress blog, you can easily integrate an Amazon aStore into your blog. You can choose items that you want to sell within your WordPress site and even link to these items. The Amazon aStore can even be customized to integrate it’s look and feel with your WordPress blog.

I’ve created an Amazon aStore for my blog as an example of how easy the Amazon aStore can be integrated into WordPress. The Amazon aStore is free and costs nothing to maintain. You can earn referral fees for every item that you sell. The referral fees from Amazon can be sent to you via check upon reaching a certain level.

Creating the Amazon aStore entail several simple steps that I have outlined below. I have also included some screenshots so that you can easily follow the steps in creating your own Amazon aStore.

Steps in integrating an Amazon aStore to your WordPress blog

  1. Create an amazon associate account if you still don’t have one.

    To be able to start creating your own Amazon aStore, you will need to be a member of the Amazon Associates program. Applying for the Amazon Associates program is easy and can be done online by going to Amazon Associates registration page. You’ll need an email address to apply.

  2. Make a list of what you want to sell on your Amazon aStore

    While waiting for your Amazon Associates account to be approved, you can start making a list of the items from the Amazon online store that you want to sell on your WordPress integrated Amazon aStore.

  3. Plan the layout and colors of the aStore objects

    You’ll also need to determine the colors to use for your Amazon aStore objects so that it will blend properly with your WordPress blog. There are five different color settings that you can customize for your Amazon aStore object. These are:

    1. Background color – you need to set this color to the color of the page where you want to put your aStore so that it will blend
    2. Headers – this is the title area for the store page
    3. Content background – a background for the items being displayed can be set different from the main background setting in letter a.
    4. Body text – color of the normal text
    5. Link color – color of the links displayed on your aStore page

    Here’s a sample aStore page

  4. Sketch the layout and determine the link to the store on your WordPress blog

    When you create your Amazon aStore, there are some options you can set to tweak how the storefront will look like when you integrate it into your WordPress blog. The config allows setting several options. For example, you can position the aStore sidebar on the left or the right side. This allows you to integrate is better with your WordPress theme’s sidebar location. You can also set what to put on the aStore sidebar. Determine the options that will work best for your WordPress blog integrated Amazon aStore.

  5. Create the needed WordPress Page for your Amazon aStore Page

    Now that you have planned out your integrated aStore page, you can start creating a WordPress page for your blog. The WordPress page can be as simple as an empty page inside WordPress where you will insert the Amazon Assoicates aStore code snippet or you can even create a customized WordPress Page template just for your Amazon aStore.

    For now just put some placeholder text in the page and create any required links on your so that visitors on your web site can access the online store. You can checkout what I did on my site. I added a “store” button so that visitors to my site will be able to click on it to go to the online store.


    Do not publish it yet. You can preview the page to check how it will look like once it gets published.

  6. Login to Amazon Associates and start by creating the aStore

    If you now have your Amazon Associates account activated, you can start creating your Amazon aStore. Login to your Amazon Associates account. Click the aStore tab found on the top area when you login to the Amazon aStore.

  7. Create an aStore

    Click on the “Add a store” button to start creating your Amazon aStore. Once the aStore has been initialized, the first step is to start creating your store pages. This is where you’ll add the items you want to sell on your store according to the list you made in step 2.


    Start adding the items to your store. You’ll also notice that you can set several options on the right side to control how your pages will look like once it’s finished.

  8. Configure the colors for your aStore pages

    Once you’re done with setting up the items, you can now configure the colors according to the settings you wrote down in step 3.


    You can also set a store title and display it on the aStore pages if you want.

  9. Configure your sidebar widgets

    Now configure your sidebar widgets. Check the appropriate checkbox as to whether you want it on the left or right side of the aStore pages. You can also control what specific widgets will be displayed on different types of pages. For example, you can display the “Similar Items” widget when a visitor to your site views a “Product Detail Page”. Configure them according to your requirements.

  10. Get the generated aStore code and insert into the WordPress aStore page

    You’re done. Just copy the generated aStore code. This is what you will paste into your the WordPress page you created in step 8.


    Now login to your WordPress blog and edit the WordPress aStore page. Paste the aStore code in HTML view and save the page. After saving, preview the page to make sure that it’s working before you publish it on your web site.

  11. Publish the WordPress aStore page and activate/enable the link to the store

    That’s it. Publish the page and enable the link to the WordPress integrated Amazon aStore page. You can now start making money from your Amazon aStore. You can checkout the Gerry Ilagan store which is my integrated Amazon aStore page. Hope this “how to” helps you start making money on the Internet. I’d like to hear from your story, comments about the Amazon aStore.

Gerry Ilagan

Gerry Ilagan is into mobile apps and WordPress development at @speeqs. He loves to write about electronics, the Internet of Things, mobile phones, and #crazyideas.



what’s the wordpress you used? I tried it in mine but it doesn’t work. I need help. Thanks


It works with version 2.7 of wordpress. what version of wordpress are you using. Where is your site? maybe i can have a look at it.


iframe didn’t work with older workdpress. Get the auto updater plugin and update your wordpress install so it is 2.7.

I had the same problem.



Hi Gerry,

I have been trying for about 4 hours to
gte the code put in.

No luck.

I keep getting this problem with my

Take a look and see.

Can you tell me what Im doing wrong?



@lyn: it looks like you’re iframe width setting might be too narrow. try increasing the width


Hi Gerry,

I have created my astore but I want it in such a way that customers don’t have to leave the site to go to amazon at the checkout point! Unfortunately, I don’t know how to use option 3 of the framesets. I prefer customers to do all their transactions on my site as if it was not actually linked to amazon.

Can you please help?

Many thanks


HI Ernest,

Amazon Astore functionality is very limited.

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