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Lady Gaga endorses Google Chrome

Lady Gaga is probably one of the most, if not the most, expressive single I’ve ever got to watch on video and TV. She sings great music and I particularly love the way she expresses herself in her music. Her spirit and passion to music is really amazing. Looks like she is now endorsing the Google Chrome web browser. You can watch the YouTube video below.



Cool video!

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides opening tomorrow

I love watching the sequels of the movieĀ Pirates of the Caribbean starred by Johnny Depp. The adventurous pirate portrayed in movie from Disney pictures has a way of making me entertained. The 4th sequel is entitled “On Stranger Tides” and revolves around the adventure (or should I say misadventure) of Captain Jack Sparrow (played by Johnny Depp) of finding the fountain of youth and the old pirate folklore of mermaids. Of course the saga wouldn’t be complete without Captain’s Sparrow’s encounter with Blackbeard the Pirate.

You can watch the movie trailers here.

Turning down a cool million dollars

It’s not everyday that someone wins a prize of one million dollars. A cool million can buy a lot of things. That amount is enough to fund a small startup in the Philippines. It’s even enough money to buy a decent house, everything in it, a car and retire comfortably from the interest of what would be left. But I guess, conviction/beliefs are more important than fame and fortune.

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Creator of the StalkDaily Twitter Worm gets interviewed

Twitter, the most popular microblogging site, has been infected by a worm that uses cross site scripting to make modifications to profiles of Twitter users. The Twitter team has quickly responded to the attack and has quickly moved to control the problem. NetNewsDaily got an opportunity to interview the creator of the StalkDaily worm, 17 year old Michael Mooney, who lives in Winnfield, Louisiana.

The worm quickly spread over the weekend but also thanks to the real time messages of the Twitter users, the Twitter team was notified of the problem which got addressed quickly. The worm did exposed some cross site scripting holes in the Twitter code. According to the worm author, he was bored and he did it to get Twitter’s attention to the problem. You can read the interview here.

WordPress is_mobile plugin updated

I finished updating my WordPress Kih is_mobile plugin over the weekend. No new features actually but just tested it for the newest version of WordPress. I’ve also started moving my coding projects page from TxTu to Code Stuff which is a more appropriate place for all my development project stuff.

The update is actually in preparation to adding more features to the is_mobile plugin. I was thinking of putting some automatic WordPress theme switching to the plugin to allow the average user to be able to use the plugin on their WordPress web sites. You can download the Kih is_mobile WordPress plugin from the Kih is_mobile project page over at Code Stuff. now uses the Chameleon WordPress theme

I’ve just finished converting my other web site, CodeStuff, to use the new WordPress theme I’ve created. I call the WordPress theme I’ve created as “Chameleon”. Now that has been converted, I’ll be posting more and more about my coding efforts on the website. If you’re interested in this little coding experiment / adventure I am doing, you can start subscribing to CodeStuff.

I’ve also placed links on CodeStuff to my other sites to make it easier for users to navigate around my sites as if it’s one cohesive site even though they are hosted on different domains. Once I’ve finished converting my other sites to the new Chameleon WordPress theme, I’ll then use it on other sites that I maintain. And hope make my life easier maintaining the sites using one code base.

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WordPress theme with web directory and photo gallery

Once I started to make a WordPress theme that would satisfy my needs, one of the things I’ve come to discover and like is how WordPress is so flexible. It’s not just a mere blogging tool and mind you it’s great as a personal publishing tool. But it’s also so flexible that I’d consider it to be more of a framework for doing lots of other things.

When I got started with my own blog, it didn’t take me long to realize that I need to have some other stuff on my blog. A couple of those things are a Web Directory and a Photo Gallery. Also depending on the topic of the blog, it would be nice to have a job board or classified ads with it.

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WordPress 2.7.1 now available

The WordPress development team has released version 2.7.1 of the WordPress blogging software. This is mainly a maintenance release which fixes several issues since version 2.7. If you’re currently using WordPress 2.7, you can use the new “Upgrade WordPress” feature by accessing Tools | Upgrade from the menu. You can read the announcement at the site or take a look at what was fixed in WordPress 2.7.1.