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$1 Home Design 3D App for iOS/macOS

I’ve been using an iOS app called iDraw (now called Graphic when Autodesk acquired it). I use it for creating 2D vector graphics for apps and web site I create. It’s great since Graphic (iDraw) is available both on iOS and MacOS.

Recently, I’ve been trying to learn how to create 3D graphics on MacOS for some personal home projects using SketchUp. For personal projects, SketchUp is actually free. I started looking for an affordable 3D graphics app that runs on iOS (especially on the iPad).

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Upgraded to Mac OS X Lion from Snow Leopard

I’m finally found some time to buy the Mac OS X Lion upgrade and download (it’s a 3.5GB download!) it this week. After several hours of waiting for the download to finish and doing the upgrade in less than an hour, the upgrade was mostly uneventful and went smoothly.

One thing that stands out when I start using Mac OS X Lion? — it’s the need to “reprogram” my fingers to use the new scroll-up/scroll-down gestures! It took some getting used to but in the end it feels more “right”. Although, I still have to adjust to it when I use a computer mouse.

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How to verify your Apple support download files

If you have a computer running Mac OS X, chances are you have downloaded files from the Apple support web site. You can actually verify the integrity of these support files using a simple script.

You have two options on how to update your Mac OS X. The first option is using the Software Update program accessible via the Apple icon. The second option is by downloading the updates via the Apple Support download site. I have actually resorted to the second option a number of times because of errors I get using the Software Update program.

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