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WGT Golf game now on Chrome browser in time for US Open

Start playing the WGT Golf Challenge on your Chrome web browser. This games for golf fans provides great graphics and gaming user experience while running on your Chrome web browser. It just in time for this week’s opening of the US Open.

The WGT Golf Challenge game’s objective is to swing the club into perfection so that the golf ball is as close to the hole as you can make it. Points are scored depending on how far or near your golf ball is to the hole in the green. Although I’m not much of a golf fan but I’m beginning to like this game. The challenge is to hone your skills to get a perfect swing.

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3 Angry Birds mobile games are free in Android Market

If you know of the free Angry Birds game for the Chrome browser, then how’s this — there are actually three separate versions of Angry Birds that you can play for free on an Android mobile phone.  The iOS (iPhone/iPad Touch) versions cost $0.99 while for the Mac OS X version you need to dole out $4.99. The version for the Android mobile phones are free because they display ads. Other than that, you can play the Angry Birds game to your hearts content.

The mobile game is simple with great graphics, fun and a bit habit forming. Okay, I admit it’s super addictive 🙂 If you happen to have a new Android phone and you still haven’t downloaded it from the Android Market, I suggest you do it now — you’ll love it.

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Play Angry Birds for free on the Chrome browser

If you’re using a Google Chrome web browser, one of the things that it has recently offered is a Web store where users can download different apps to enhance their Chrome web browser. You probably have installed at least one of them. Lately much of the focus of the Google Chrome team has been to bring games to users using a web browser.

The speed improvements in combination with HTML5 has made it possible to run games on the Chrome web browser.

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PlayStation 3 update and PSN status

Been reading a lot about Sony’s PS network lately. Sony has got his hands full lately due to the recent security breach on it’s PlayStation Network (PSN) which brought down it online game network. Today Sony is announcing that it will start it’s phased restoration of PSN. In addition it has also released a mandatory PS3 system software update (v3.61) that requires PSN users to change their password once PSN is up and running.

So if you have a PS3, start the critical step of updating your system software now in preparation to the restoration of the PlayStation Network.

Rubik’s Cube successor Rubik’s 360 launch on Feb 5

Erno Rubik, the Hungarian professor who created the Rubik’s Cube, has created the successor to the Cube. The new toy called Rubik’s 360 is set to be unveiled at a toy fair in Germany on Feb 5. The new game hopes to once more entertain the public this time featuring six balls trapped within three transparent plastic spheres. The objective is simple and has only one solution but requires skill, dexterity and patience.

Players must get the coloured balls from an inner sphere into matching slots on the outer sphere by shaking them through a middle sphere that has only two holes. Two-time British Cube-solving champion Dan Harris from Norfolk has a review of the Rubik’s 360.


A valid reason for play at work

Playing with the USB Missile launcher gizmo attached to your computer may provide a lot of geeky fan but I doubt that your boss will likely give you a great smile. If you’re thinking about buying one of those nerf USB missile launcher gadget to attached to your computer at work and play around with your co-workers, you may still have a chance at justifying the lost man hours to your boss.


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PlayStation 2: 50 million units sold

Sony is in all probability planning on the new PlayStation 5 (PlayStation 4 design is probably finished by now). Still PlayStation 2 hasn’t lost it’s touch with the 50th million unit now sold to someone in the US. Those 50 million units is just in the US mind you.

Looks like Sony is not stopping the production of the PlayStation 2 just yet. Although it’s competition, the Xbox, has not been around for quite a while, the PlayStation 2 got sold to about 200,000 customers in November of 2008 alone. One reason for this is most definitely the cost of a PlayStation 2 which is about US$ 130 for a new unit compared to US$ 400 for a PlayStation 3.

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Logitech G18 gamer’s keyboard coming soon

If you’re a computer gamer, you’ve probably come across a lot of gadgets to make life more blissful while playing those PC games. Logitech, known for its keyboards and game pads, has decided to come up with yet another of those gadgets in the hope of making us all happy aside from the G13.

Just came across a pic at Engadget of what seems to be the Logitech G18 gamer’s keyboard. Those keys will surely be programmable. There’s also a tiny display on the gadget — I wonder if that is also programmable.


Of course, you’ll have to be ready to open up your wallet to get hold of those beauties.

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