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The computer is the phone. The phone is the computer.

Touchscreen netbook from Asus gets demoed

I’ve said in my previous post that 2009 is going to be the year of touchscreen netbooks. The MyViliv X70 which has touch screen really got me excited with its very cool look. I was just thinking about Asus’ plan to introduce an Asus EeePC and I found this really nice video of the Asus Eee touch screen UI being demoed in Youtube.

Pretty neat stuff. It’s going to be a battle between the best UI available for touch screen based netbooks. I’m curious at what price points will the devices come out. I never thought I’d see the day when children won’t have to carry around tons of school books. They’ll only need to carry just one book to school — a netbook. Here’s the video for your enjoyment.

[youtube: 540 437]

Super cool and sleek Viliv X70 MID device

This super gorgeous mobile internet device (MID) from Viliv called the X70 is by far the sleekest MID I’ve seen. I think this should be the minimum standard for a MID. This super cool MID doesn’t stop on it’s tracks when it comes to define the meaning of cool. You get a lot of features under the hood with this device. What’s even more cool is that this device supports Linux and not just Windows. How about a countdown as to when someone starts running the Android open mobile platform on this one!

I love to see this MID with Linux in action. Now if only the makers of Viliv would send me one to feature on my blog that would really be ultra cool.

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Asus EeePC got better gets multi-touch screen

I’ve been waiting for this since last year and pretty excited about Netbooks with touchscreen coming out this 2009. Asus has just announce at CES their newest member of the EeePC family. A netbook that has a rotating screen (aka tablet) and a multi-touch screen.

It’s weighing in at only 2-pounds and 1-inch thick that 8.9-inch LED backlit touch panel sporting an Intel’s Z520 Atom processor instead of the N270. Optional TV-tuner and GPS. I hope they put in SSD drives on it and 3.5G connectivity!


Would be exciting to see Ubuntu Eee (or is it easypeasy) getting installed in one of these cool EeePC.

Apple’s Macbook Air gets MSI competition, No Dell E Slim

Looks like the Dell E Slim is still nowhere to be found. Well, MSI has announced it’s 13.4” wide ultra-thin netbook called the X-Slim 320. The X320 ups the ante compared to the Macbook Air. The overall thickness is as small as 1.98 cm (which is about 0.78 inches). The thinnest part is only 6 mm (Wow! even thinner that the slimmest mobile phone that I can remember). It’s not only ultra slim, it’s very light at only 1.3kg!

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Some cool car dashboard mods gives it character

Who says you can’t express your geeky preferences when it comes to your car’s dashboard? Here’s several ways of doing it to let everyone know what your favorite gaming console is, what you like doing even inside your car or even letting your car have it’s own in dashboard computer.

When it comes to character, there’s no doubt about these guys who have painstakenly incorporated some cool mods into their dashboard will never miss their faves.

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Netbooks find a new Linux friend

The year 2008 saw that Linux has the potential to take on Windows on the netbook market. The smaller brother of the notebook, netbooks is now the craze. Because of it’s size it has the potential of creating a whole new meaning to portable computers. As technology like SSD gets wide acceptance, prices of these devices will inevitably find its way into netbooks. Low power CPUs and improvements in battery technology will also make these netbooks a “all in a day’s work/school” gadget.

Linux’s smaller footprint, more robust architecture, openness and cost effectivity makes it a perfect match for the netbook. The growing acceptance and awareness of the ordinary consumer will contribute to it’s increasing market share. But it looks like that’s not the only thing that will contribute greatly to the acceptance of Linux.

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2009 is year of touchscreen netbooks

It’s my first post for 2009 and I pretty excited of what to watch out for this year in technology. With all the developments in the netbook scene I expect that this year will start seeing touchscreen based netbooks. The way Venturebeat easily took Android open mobile platform and put it into an Asus 1000H, I’m betting that we won’t be seeing Android in just mobile phones.

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Linux (Android next?) on the iPhone

I guess it will only be a matter of time before we get a full blow Linux (and probably Android) distro for the Apple iPhone. The iPhone-dev people have announced the successul porting of Linux of on the Apple iPhone.

Although this is a basic kernel port with a shell compiled from the Busybox package. This paves the way for a very good future to porting a whole bunch of distros to the iPhone including the new Android open mobile platform.

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