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The computer is the phone. The phone is the computer.

Closer to getting what I want – a Ubuntu Phone


Ubuntu has just announced something that I have been waiting for quite a while – a Ubuntu Phone. There is no actual mobile phone yet but just the Ubuntu software crafted to run on a mobile phone.

I am excited that the announcement will bring Ubuntu one step closer to running on a real mobile phone. Another thing that’s really cool about it is that when the phone comes out, I would be able to put my Ubuntu computer literally in my pocket and all I have to do is have access to a monitor, keyboard and mouse (who knows maybe I can even use the phone’s touch screen as a touch pad that way I won’t even need a mouse) to use it as a full desktop computer.

Pretty exciting times…

Go for the Google Nexus 7 Android tablet

If you’re buying an Android tablet, you should definitely buy the Google Nexus 7. Besides currently being the lowest priced quad-core tablet in the market, you are going to always going to be the first to get the most up-to-date Android OS software. Some of the tablets still have the old version 2.3 software when the latest version is already 4.2 (which is used on the Nexus 7) In the US, you can get the 32GB version for only $249. In the Philippines it cost about Php 13,000+ – which is a GREAT price for an Android tablet!