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Nokia E6 now available in the Philippines

I just saw the Nokia E6 become available locally for about Php 16,000+. The Nokia E6 is the first mobile phone from Nokia that is running the newest Symbian Anna operating system to be available in the Philippines. It’s a QWERTY phone like the Nokia E71. This will be a nice mobile phone for those who love to text since the display has a 640×480 resolution that makes the display of the characters very sharp and readable. The display is also a touch screen and uses Gorilla glass for durability.

The Nokia E6 comes with the usual features that you’d find in a modern smartphone like GPS, Wifi, 3.5G data speeds, stereo FM radio, bluetooth. It has a dual camera with the primary camera capable of taking 8-megapixel shots using a fixed focus lens and dual LED flash.

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Photo blog about the Philippines is site of the week

During the week, I’ve decided to dive into learning about digital cameras. You can just be overwhelmed at what’s on the Internet! It’s so full of very useful and interesting sites that touches the topic of photography. Seeing that I would have to put some laid out plan on how I need to go about my process of learning more about photography, I’ve decided to take a lighter activity this week by checking out blog sites featuring photos of the Philippines.

This particular photo blog caught my attention. The site named “My Sarisari Store” features photos of the Philippines. When I visited it, I was amazed at the beautiful shots of underwater fauna made by the photographer. Another thing that’s amazing is that the photo shots are featured on the photo blog of Belgian Sidney Snoeck who decided to move to the Philippines in 2002.

Here’s a sample photo of his guest photographer Stephan Jaeggi who created the underwater photo shots. Visit Sidney’s photo blog to take a look at more stunning photos.


Filipino WordPress blog for Anime

This week while surfing for an interesting site, I came across a blog that features topics about Anime. The Filipino blogger who goes by the name of Jay has been maintaining the site since 2000 and has recently converted the web site to WordPress. Looks like Jay is also an avid gamer and has now tempered some of his gaming interests in favor of maintaining the PhilAmime WordPress blog.

Jay seems to also love transformer toys like this one on his post. ๐Ÿ™‚ You can visit the Filipino wordpress blog about Anime at


Intel will close Cavite Plant in the Philippines

Intel is a pioneer investor to the semiconductor technology industry in the Philippines. It has been in the Philippines for more than a decade and has been providing jobs for the country’s Electronics engineering graduates for quite a while.

I was really surprised about Intel’s decision to close down it’s plant in Cavite. In Intel’s announcement, It said that it will be closing down a couple of test facilities in Malaysia in addition to the facility in Cavite in order to restructure some of its manufacturing operations and align its manufacturing capacity to current market conditions. This really sends an alarming situation of the global economy. Even Microsoft is having its first significant layoffs during it’s 34 year of existence.


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SMART Plug โ€˜N Talk: lower call rates for Filipinos abroad

Smart has introduced another innovative product with its new Plug N Talk device for Filipinos abroad wanting to call their families and friends in the Philippines who has either a landline or mobile phone number. By using the device and an Internet connection, a Filipino abroad can easily call a Philippine phone number at local rates of only Php 6.50 per minute. You can even send text messages at only Php 1.00 per message.

I currently don’t have any relatives abroad who doesn’t have an Internet connection so I would think that most Filipinos abroad would have an Internet connection. If you are a Filipino abroad who has an unlimited Internet connection and is currently spending approximately more than 13 US cents per minute when calling the Philippines on top of your unlimited Internet charges then Smart’s Plug N Talk product may be the device for you.

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Sun Cellular offers better broadband pricing

I visited the Sun cellular web site to re-check their mobile broadband offer. It looks like Sun is really determined to capture a sizeable portion of the market. They have made some changes to their current pricing — the Plan 1999 is now Plan 999. Yup for 999 pesos a month, you can have mobile broadband of up to 2Mbps. And that includes a 350 a month unlimited voice and SMS postpaid mobile phone bundled in.


What used to be Plan 999 is now only 799. And is now also burstable up to 2Mbps (hmmm wonder if anyone is really able to reach this speed). It’s unlimited and mobile broadband!

If you don’t like to be locked in, you just pay a one time charge of 2,500 pesos and pay a monthly of 799 — maybe they should just make this prepaid instead of postpaid.

If you are one of the early subscribers to Sun Cellular’s Plan 1999, wonder what would happen?

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