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Apple iTouch gets into the military

This Apple iTouch becomes a sidekick of a sniper. Equipped with an iPhone application for shooting. A US M110 sniper rifle has been mounted with an Apple iPod Touch. The iPod with the Bullet Flight external ballistics calculator. I guess these days military rifles are now mostly painted “desert” colors instead of “greeny” jungle chromas.


You can check out more photos at Woohome.

Robots the inevitable future?

I think we’ve all been reading a lot of great technological advances in robotics nowadays. We see a lot of developments from manually operated to autonomous robots. Even our children participate in robotics olympiads. I came across this model robot kit that you can even build. It’s pretty neat. Applications of the thing in real life can be very useful. Imagine being able to carry heavy loads with the thing. A photo below of what the model looks like.


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Upcoming slim LCD displays in CES

Looks like we can expect a lot of really really slim LCD displays these year. The upcoming CES in the US will be showcasing some of the slim LCD displays this year. Here’s one from LG is 24.8-mm thick and is LED backlit. DivX HD support on the panel itself via USB or Bluetooth. says there will be a 55-inch HDTV with wireless HD box included. DivX HD support via USB or bluetooth will be available on the panel itself. And get this it will have a 2,000,000:1 screen contrast screen.


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Modified mobile phone that detects diseases

Scientists at UCLA has hacked / modified an ordinary off-the-shelf cellular phone so that it can be used to detect certain diseases like HIV and malaria. This breakthrough is good news specially for less financially abled countries that couldn’t afford to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy the current medical equipment. Another advantage of the device is that it can be used to detect diseases in matter of hours as opposed to having to wait for days using current technology. It can even be used in far flung places because of the portability of the ordinary cell phone.

UCLA researcher Dr. Aydogan Ozcan’s device uses the camera sensor of a cell phone, filtered lighting and specially developed software to analyze the cell’s distinctive qualities to detect diseases.


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Inventor makes robot for a wife

Believe it or not, it’s true. I picked up the article from Slashdot about the robot wife. An inventor by the name of Le Trung started out wanting to create an android that is capable of taking care of the elderly. In the end, Le created a robot wife that can read him the morning newspapers and even provide driving directions.


Le took two years and about GBP 14,000 creating Aiko. With a gorgeous 32-23-33 figure, this robot is capable recognizing faces and speaking 13,000 sentences. Le, the inventor, says that he hasn’t brought the robot wife to his bedroom but it shouldn’t be that hard to program an orgasmic reaction into it.

Yahoo! has a new look

This morning when I got on my computer and visited the Yahoo home page, I got this new Yahoo! home page shown on my Firefox browser. What do you think about the new home page of Yahoo?

I like it, I think it’s more readable than the old Yahoo home page. The colors have also changed and and feel more light to the eyes. The Yahoo logo also has a new color (not anymore the red)?

Hi-tech bomb disposal for Makati

Wow, looks like Makati is now the proud owner of a locally developed bomb-disposal robot. A demo took placed during its launch last Tuesday at Makati. The name of the robot is MAC (Mechanical Anti-terrorist Concept). I guess it’s not a concept any more. 🙂 (AP Photo by Bullit Marquez)


Great concept. In my opinion, we should really develop more of these type of industries.

Eco-friendly Mazda car

This eco-friendly concept car from Mazda, besides its sleek curves, turns rain water into drinking water. The roof is setup to collect the rain water and a system of filters turn it into drinking water that is made available to the passengers.


Wonder if that’s hot or cold water? It should be perfect for Seattle and London when it comes out. It rains a lot also in the Babuyan Islands, right?