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How to use the Nokia PC Suite in Linux

When I was about to start using Linux (Ubuntu) one of my concerns was being able to use the Nokia PC Suite since I own a Nokia mobile phone. So I tried to find a solution to my problem — the solution was to use Sun’s VirtualBox software to run the Nokia PC Suite since I couldn’t make it work under Winehq.

I downloaded a copy of VirtualBox and installed it on my Ubuntu notebook. After installing VirtualBox, I installed my Windows XP as a virtual machine and updated XP. Everything went smoothly. I downloaded the latest copy of the Nokia PC Suite for my mobile phone and installed it in the Windows XP virtual/guest machine.

After installing everything, I connected my Nokia phone to my notebook using the USB cable and enabled USB devices in the VirtualBox configuration for my Windows XP guest.

Everything went fine and Windows was able to detect the attached Nokia mobile phone but for some reason the Nokia PC Suite is unable to see the Nokia mobile phone.

For a while I thought that it’s a lost cause. I couldn’t use infrared ‘coz the notebook has no infrared. I’m already using the bluetooth of my notebook for the mouse and headset on the host operating system which is Ubuntu. I had only one option left for Nokia PC Suite which was the USB cable (or so I thought).

I decided to try something else. I installed another bluetooth dongle into my Ubuntu notebook to see if Linux would be smart enough to automatically configure the second bluetooth device. And sure enough, Ubuntu detected the second bluetooth dongle when I plugged it in.

In fact the bluetooth manager in Ubuntu was smart enough to add another separate tab for the second bluetooth. When that happened, I quickly tried configured VirtualBox to use the second bluetooth dongle and it worked. When I paired my Nokia mobile phone with the second bluetooth device under Windows XP, Nokia was able to recognize my mobile phone’s bluetooth connection without any problems.

I tried synching using the Nokia PC Suite and it worked. Everything I was able to do with my Nokia phone is now working. It would be nice if Nokia would just port the PC Suite into Linux but until that happens I would have to settle with my current setup and start trying to find alternatives in Ubuntu to do away with the PC Suite. For now, I’m happy with PC Suite under a Windows XP guest using VirtualBox (I needed the Internet Explorer 7 under the Windows XP guest anyway to test web sites I make 🙂 ).

Update: VirtualBox v2.0 has just been released. I hope I can try out the new version. The new VirtualBox 2.0 supports 64-bit OS guests.

Gerry Ilagan

Gerry Ilagan is into mobile apps and WordPress development at @speeqs. He loves to write about electronics, the Internet of Things, mobile phones, and #crazyideas.



I noticed an issue with this in that I require to use my bluetooth dongle for both Ubuntu and PC Suite on virtualbox. Like you, I installed everything and it all worked fine – however, I also use multisync-quad on the Ubunutu side and that dies every time the dongle is used for syncing through virtualbox.

Upon exiting virtualbox I have to uninstall bluez-gnome and re-plug the dongle before reinstalling bluez-gnome otherwise Ubunutu fails to see the device for syncing. It pairs ok and the device is browsable, it just won’t sync until this procedure has taken place. I’m not sure whether it’s bluez at fault of virtualbox.


Hi Andy, what I did was to put a second bluetooth dongle that I use for virtualbox sessions. 🙂


hay, i am having the same problem, but then, how to activate bluetooth on my acer laptop under windows xp inside the virtulbox?

i started the windows xp guest then turned on the bluetooth under ubuntu host, and nothing happened in windows xp. under ubuntu, my bluetooth is perfectly working, sending and receiving file with my nokia E63

any solution?

thx a lot



The laptop bluetooth device is visible in Virtualbox guest when you enable the USB device in Virtualbox menu (you can make this permanent in the virtual machine settings).

I think that having a second bluetooth device is a solution, but definitely not a good one….. Too bad that the host system (Linux) and Virtualbox cannot share a single bluetooth device like it does for a mouse…. Could be a nice enhancement in virtualbox…..

I have been trying to pair my bluetooth phone with Linux and then use this pairing in Virtualbox, but no luck so far 🙁


I also use the combination of Linux desktop, Nokia phone and PC Suite.
For it to work via USB cable you need to make sure not to use the OSE version of VirtualBox (which does not support USB), but the PUEL one offered for download at

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