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Ubuntu kernel 2.6.24-21 update breaks my wifi and Virtualbox on Compaq

Last night before going to bed, I installed the recent kernel updates of Ubuntu. The update required a reboot so I decided to call it a day and shutdown my notebook instead of restarting and continue with what I was doing.

When I opened up my notebook (Compaq C793TU) today, the wifi and Virtualbox may have stopped working. Since a lot of people have been reading the following articles:

I decided to post what I did to fix the problem in case some of you might need the information.

The procedure is actually simple. If you also use VirtualBox 2.0 like me, you would need to follow the process sequentially for wifi to work.

  1. If you’re not a VirtualBox user, you can skip to Step 2. If you use VirtualBox on your Ubuntu based Compaq C700, here’s what I did first. (The command will rebuild the required drivers for VirtualBox using the new kernel install during the Ubuntu update)
    sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup
  2. In order for wifi to start working again, you need to rebuild the drivers. To rebuild and install an updated set of the drivers, go to the directory on your computer where the madwifi driver sources are located and do the following:
    sudo bash
    [sudo] password for kihbord:
    rmmod wlan
    rmmod ath_pci
    rmmod ath_hal
    make clean
    make install

That should rebuild and install the Atheros wifi drivers that will run for the newly updated kernel on your Compaq C700. After the installation, do a reboot of your notebook. Everything should start working again after the reboot – it did on mine 🙂

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