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VirtualBox 2.0.6 released, fixes Nokia / iPhone sync via USB

The VirtualBox team has released version 2.0.6 of its VirtualBox virtualization software. I thought is was going to be something that adds support for Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope but guess what, it’s something better!

For those of you who are using Ubuntu as the host OS and have installed VirtualBox to be able to use Nokia’s PC Suite, the changelog says “USB: Fixed support for iPhone and Nokia devices (Linux host: bugs #470 & #491)”. This is good news since a lot of Ubuntu users seem to be particularly interested in running the Nokia PC Suite under a VirtualBox guest machine running Windows.


I’ve tried making USB work with the Nokia PC Suite on a Windows guest machine ever since I started using VirtualBox and haven’t gotten it to work. Downloading the VirtualBox update right now and will keep my blog updated on how the upgrade went.

Here’s a list of the fixes / additions made on version 2.0.6 of VirtualBox:

  • VMM: Fixed Guru meditation when running 64 bits Windows guests (bug #2220)
  • VMM: Fixed Solaris 10U6 boot hangs (VT-x and AMD-V) bug #2220)
  • VMM: Fixed Solaris 10U6 reboot hangs (AMD-V only; bug #2220)
  • GUI: the host key was sometimes not properly displayed (Windows hosts only, bug #1996)
  • GUI: the keyboard focus was lost after minimizing and restoring the VM window via the Windows taskbar (bugs #784)
  • VBoxManage: properly show SATA disks when showing the VM information (bug #2624)
  • SATA: Fixed access if the buffer size is not sector-aligned (bug #2024)
  • SATA: improved performance
  • SATA: Fixed snapshot function with ports>1 (bug #2510)
  • E1000: Fixed crash under rare circumstances
  • USB: Fixed support for iPhone and Nokia devices (Linux host: bugs #470 & #491)
  • Windows host installer: added proper handling of open VirtualBox applications when updating the installation
  • Windows host installer: Fixed default installation directory on 64-bit on new installations
  • Windows host installer: added proper handling of open VirtualBox applications when updating the installation
  • Linux/Solaris/Darwin hosts: verify permissions in /tmp/vbox-$USER-ipc
  • Linux hosts: Fixed assertion on high network load (AMD64 hosts, fix for Linux distributions with glibc 2.6 and newer (bug #616)
  • Linux hosts: don’t crash during shutdown with serial ports connected to a host device
  • Solaris hosts: Fixed incompatibility between IPSEC and host interface networking
  • Solaris hosts: Fixed a rare race condition while powering off VMs with host interface networking
  • Solaris hosts: Fixed VBoxSDL on Solaris 10 by shipping the required SDL library (bug #2475)
  • Windows additions: Fixed logged in users reporting via guest properties when using native RDP connections
  • Windows additions: Fixed Vista crashes when accessing shared folders under certain circumstances (bug #2461)
  • Windows additions: Fixed shared folders access with MS-Office (bug #2591)
  • Linux additions: Fixed compilation of vboxvfs.ko for 64-bit guests (bug #2550)
  • SDK: added JAX-WS port caching to speedup connections

Update (11/24): I’m happy that my Nokia mobile phone is now synching with the Nokia PC Suite using a USB cable. A lot faster than having to connect via bluetooth. 🙂

Gerry Ilagan

Gerry Ilagan is into mobile apps and WordPress development at @speeqs. He loves to write about electronics, the Internet of Things, mobile phones, and #crazyideas.



“Fixed Guru meditation when running 64 bits Windows guests”

So who at Sun/Innotek is an old Amiga-fan…

Stefano F. (tacone)

Confirming it works with Iphone, great news :).

Andrés G. Aragoneses

It doesn’t work for me!

Are you using the open source version?

Did you have to configure something in the guest machine?

If I open the menu “Devices > USB Devices” I get “”.


@Andres, when you connect your Nokia mobile phone via the USB in Ubuntu does it get detected?


HI Gerry,

I’ve been trying quite unsuccessfully to get this working for me. I’m running Fedora Core 10 x86_64 as the host and Windows XP as the guest on an Acer Extensa laptop.

I’ve been unable to get bluetooth to work in the virtual box nor am I able to get Windows to see the nokia I connect using a USB. The phone shows up in the list of USB devices in hte VirtualBox Menu but it’s disabled and I can’t select it so that Windows can see it.

I’m no expert with this stuff and would really appreciate any help or pointer you could give.




1. check if you are a member of vboxusers in /etc/group

2. check if you already have the line below in /etc/fstab:

none /proc/bus/usb usbfs devgid=146,devmode=664 0 0

note: 146 should be replaced with the group id for vboxusers in /etc/group


Hi Gerry,

Thanks for the reply. (I thought I’d replied earlier, but looks like it didn’t get through. Maybe I forgot to submit after writing the comment)

I did do this. but it still didn’t work. What I found weird is that the VirtualBox lists all the devices but shows them greyed out (disabled?).

Anyway, I’m going to update to the latest Virtual box (2.1.4) and see if it gets fixed. (I do believe in miracles 😉 )



Hi gerry,

Well the upgrade didn’t work.

Even after I added the line in the fstab file (after using the correct gid) things didn’t work.

But I was so convinced it’s a permission thing, that I tried to run VirtualBox as root. And guess what. All the devices are now enabled and I can connect to them through the guest OS.

This confirms it’s a permission thing. Only issue is which file needs the permission change? Will let you know if I find something.

Thanks for your help.



@Savio, hmmm it’s definitely a permissions thing. getting your user id under vboxusers should have done it. Hope you find the cause.

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