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Virtualbox gets updated to 2.1.4

If you’re using Virtualbox, you can now update to a newer 2.1.4 version. Lots of fixes and improved stability (been using it for a couple of days and I observed less ooops on Windows XP guest under a Ubuntu host).

Here’s a list of what has been fixed or added on VirtualBox 2.1.4. Download Virtualbox.

Gerry Ilagan

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Help!! Am stuck tried to upgrade now my VM cannot run. I downloaded the Virtual Box 2.2.4 .rpm and clicked install. Well it now is not working!! Help! All I need is the STEP BY STEP PROCEDURE ON HOW TO UPGRADE from version 2.1.4 to 2.2.4. What do do and how? Pls be simple and possible detailed.


BTW I have installed the VirtualBox 2.1.4 on Fedora 10 and GOGGLED all over and cannot get the above procedure.

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