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Tools: Infrared Thermometer

When you are dealing with electronics, temperature will always be a factor. It is especially important when you’re dealing with component heat in your projects. You would want to know if the temperature is within the tolerable operating range defined in the specifications of your components.

I have found that short of having those expensive thermal imaging thermometers that costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars, a decent infrared thermometer such as the one shown in the photo below would suffice. The particular model shown below has a measuring range of -50°C to 380°C just costs a few dollars and would do the job most of the time that I need to measure temperatures.

It has a select button for toggling the unit of temperature displayed to Centigrade or Fahrenheit. An ON/OFF button for the LCD Display backlight — in case you want to reduce the unit’s battery consumption. There is also an ON/OFF switch for the infrared pointer. The infrared pointer gives the user an idea of where the device’s sensor is measuring the temperature.

In the front side of the unit, you’ll find the infrared pointer. The hole guide for the temperature sensor inside the temperature measuring instrument. A button/trigger for initiating temperature measurement.

The handle acts as a compartment for the batteries. Opening it you’ll find the battery compartment that holds two pieces of ordinary 1.5V AAA batteries needed to power the infrared thermometer instrument.

Below shows the infrared thermometer measuring hot water.


Here’s another image showing the infrared thermometer measuring the temperature of ice cubes.

If you’re considering making your own electronics projects, I’d advice you to buy one. You’ll probably encounter me using the infrared thermometer to measure temperatures in the articles and projects that I post here on my web site.

Of course you can use the device on other things — like measuring LED bulbs in your home or the different temperatures of areas in an air conditioned room. Just be careful where you point the laser pointer.


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