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3 Angry Birds mobile games are free in Android Market

If you know of the free Angry Birds game for the Chrome browser, then how’s this — there are actually three separate versions of Angry Birds that you can play for free on an Android mobile phone.  The iOS (iPhone/iPad Touch) versions cost $0.99 while for the Mac OS X version you need to dole out $4.99. The version for the Android mobile phones are free because they display ads. Other than that, you can play the Angry Birds game to your hearts content.

The mobile game is simple with great graphics, fun and a bit habit forming. Okay, I admit it’s super addictive 🙂 If you happen to have a new Android phone and you still haven’t downloaded it from the Android Market, I suggest you do it now — you’ll love it.

The object of the game is pretty simple, use a slingshot to target objects (e.g. in Angry Birds Rio, these are cages that contain birds you need to set free). Every level is different and challenging which makes it fun. You get to strategize, aim, calculate and have fun all at the same time.

I’m currently playing the Angry Birds Rio version and I just let it distract me from whatever I’m suppose to be doing every now and then. Here are the links to all three of them on the Android Market web site:


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