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The Coolest gaming PC you can have

When I say the coolest, I mean just that. You won’t have any problems with overheating CPUs if you have one of the Hardcore PC Reator. To solve the heat problem, the motherboard, CPU and GPU has been submersed in oil.

hardcorepc reactor

You don’t have to stop at it’s mouth watering looks but this PC comes fully loaded with redundant power supplies and solid state disc drives, Nvidia nForce 790i SLI Ultra graphics unit. Go see how good it looks at this article from Maximum PC.

Gerry Ilagan

Gerry Ilagan is into mobile apps and WordPress development at @speeqs. He loves to write about electronics, the Internet of Things, mobile phones, and #crazyideas.



great gaming pc there. I was looking for sites that offer reviews about existing free online games and upcoming mmorpgs. I am making my own blog for it, any suggestion? I am planning to add gamefaqs too. This pc rocks by the way, i might buy it.

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