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Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor

I’ve got one of those generic $25 fitness and activity tracker for a while now. One of the functions I’m interested in the fitness tracker is it’s “virtual leash” feature — if a user’s smart phone gets too far away from the tracker it will vibrate while the phone will start emitting a sound.


It comes with a heart rate sensor that does continuous measurements at regular intervals.The activity tracker fitness band can track steps and estimate calories burned based on activity. It also tracks the user’s amount of sleep.


One of the first thing I did was to compare the heart rate measurements to my own actual measurements. I found the value is about +- 2-4 heartbeats off my own measurements. The activity tracker band should also not be loosely worn so that the heart rate measurements made by the sensor is more accurate.


I’ve been wearing the fitness band for about two months now and have gotten quite comfortable with it. What I wish though is that the battery would last more than the 2-3 days I’m currently experiencing — coming from a solar powered watch, the required regular charging is one of my main dislike.

Anyway, I’ll post some more about this fitness tracker later. For now I’ve gotten the “virtual leash” feature working on my Link ‘n Find iOS app and thinking of incorporating it in one of the app’s future update.

Gerry Ilagan

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