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Dell Adamo sleek and thin rivals Macbook Air

It looks like it won’t be long until we will see the Dell Adamo line of thin notebooks in the store. The thin notebook aims at the until now exclusive turf of the Macbook Air. The photos of the Dell Adamo looks pretty good with both black and white versions of the notebook to be made available. This was confirmed to Brian Solis who was given an exclusive photo shoot of the upcoming Dell Adamo.

From the photos, it looks like the ports on the Dell Adamo are located at the back. I sure hope there’s at least a USB port on the side for plugging in those USB memory sticks. I think those flip down ports on the Macbook Air are sleeker. 🙂


Gerry Ilagan

Gerry Ilagan is into mobile apps and WordPress development at @speeqs. He loves to write about electronics, the Internet of Things, mobile phones, and #crazyideas.

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