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WWDC 2015: iPad/iPhone Apps for iOS Developers

I’ve been busy for the past several months developing my very first iOS app that I plan to publish on the App Store. I’m almost done and would be submitting the app soon for review. With the WWDC 2015 conference for iOS/OS X Developers just around the corner, I’ve decided to create a list of the of the coolest apps available on the App Store for iOS Developers. Some of them has really helped me a lot in creating my first app. These apps is one of the reasons that I have found Apple’s iPad tablet very useful.


By far, my list of apps for iOS Developers as exhaustive. I just feel that they are some of the apps that really make iOS a great mobile platform and that these creative and great iOS App developers have all made that possible.


iDraw – I’ve been using vector drawing app for quite a while. Even while creating blog posts like this one, I’ve used iDraw on my iPad to prepare images. Some of the things that make it great besides the myriad of vector drawing tools and it’s ability to handle raster images is the ability to import and export files to iTunes, the iOS Photo Library and DropBox. There’s also a version for OS X that I hope would go on sale 🙂 It’s a great tool for creating user interface designs, icons, graphics. It even lets you export in PDF format which fits right into the Xcode image assets and not having to generate different graphic sizes for iOS platforms. iDraw in the App Store


Taskboard – I find the agile’s Scrum todo lists a very useful method of tracking the things I need to do. If you’ve used the online service Trello, you already know what the Taskboard app created by Steven Romej (@slidetorock) does. It’s basically an offline version. I love it because of that very reason – I don’t need to be connected to the Internet to manage my tasks. I think the Taskboard app is great. I really wish Steven would be able to add more features – maybe an export to Trello, or maybe being able to share tasks via email which wouldn’t require people to be online all the time. Taskboard in the App Store


AppCooker – This app nothing but cool. It would be really great that the developers would be able to update and add more features more often than time would allow them to 😉 Developers in general and not just iOS app developers need at one point or another to create mockups of the software the want to create. Whether they are trying to present it to a client or maybe a venture capitalist for approval. For me, the one awesome feature that I would really want to have in the app is to be able to export some of the designed screens to Xcode. My wants aside, besides being a mockup tool, AppCooker lets you create notes and images for the app idea. One feature that sets it apart is the feature of being able to create app income estimate scenarios. AppCooker in the App Store


Idea Flip – Organizing thoughts going on my mind has really help me out using this app. Lot’s of mind map apps on the App Store but Idea Flip is the one that fits my simple needs. Some of the are so full of features that making simple mind maps is such a complex task. One feature that I’d like to have in this app is being able to create some kind of a legend/table of standard styles that I can pick from when creating mind maps.  Idea Flip in the App Store


Duet Display – This is one of my recently acquired apps but has already proven its worth. Using more than one display as a developer is simply priceless. Multiple displays when you’re at the office/home on a big desk is easy. But imagine for a while if you’re out of the office/home, traveling or working in a coffee shop. You’re carrying your MacBook, iPad, iPhone. Now wouldn’t it be so much useful if you can use that iPad as a second display? Duet Display is the app that makes it possible. I’ve used other apps that can do it but Duet Display is so much better/faster – I don’t even have to connect to the network/Internet just to use the iPad as a second display. All I need is my iPad cable. Duet Display in the App Store


Dringend – I haven’t really used the Dringend app. But the idea of being able to use my iPad to edit and compile the Xcode projects on my Mac is such a cool idea that I have to include this app on my list. Maybe one of these days, I’ll buy this app and check out if I can really be just sitting along the beach or drinking coffee at Starbucks with just my iPad on hand and still be able to code and compile my Xcode projects. If ever that day comes, I’ll probably write all about here on my blog. Dringend in the App Store

These apps are testament to how crazy ideas of developers become useful realities. With the WWDC 2015 event of Apple for the iOS/OS X developers just days away, I’m really excited to see the new things that will enable developers to craft more cool and awesome apps for the iOS mobile platform.

I, for one, am very excited to see if indeed a new Apple TV will finally allow developers to create and install apps on the platform. It will be such a great new venue to express creativity and elegant ideas. I think that having apps on the Apple TV platform has the potential of selling hundreds of millions of Apple TV especially if Tim Cook decides to maintain the price of the new generation of Apple TV devices at the $69 mark. We’ll see…

Gerry Ilagan

Gerry Ilagan is into mobile apps and WordPress development at @speeqs. He loves to write about electronics, the Internet of Things, mobile phones, and #crazyideas.

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