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Nokia’s next wave of Symbian phones in the Philippines

The annual Nokia World event which was just held last September 14-15 in London has got me pretty excited about the upcoming Symbian phones when they start arriving in the Philippines. I still look forward to one day being able to attend the Nokia World. I think I’m getting closer to the real thing because this year’s event WOMWorld/Nokia actually sent me a package of stuff to be a “virtual attendee” (Thanks WOMWorld/Nokia).

During the Nokia World 2010 event, Nokia has announced four upcoming mobile phones. Now what’s so special about these mobile phones you ask? Nokia has always been announcing new mobile phones all year round.

But these mobile phones from Nokia are a new breed. They all run on the new Symbian^3 open mobile platform. The Nokia C6-01, C7, E7 and N8 are mobile phones that is loaded with the next generation mobile OS from Symbian/Nokia.

The four new mobile phones also starts Nokia’s use of capactive touchscreens. If you’re already a Nokia touchscreen phone user, you’ll notice that your mobile phone comes with a stylus to help you navigate the phone. With capactive touchscreens, you can now start using your fingers. No need for those styluses. The capacitive touchscreens are also more sensitive which means you won’t have to press on the screen too hard to get it to respond.

What’s even more exciting is that the new Symbian^3 OS offers better user experience than the current Symbian 5th edition found on the Nokia 5800, Nokia 97 and Nokia 97 mini.

The new Nokia mobile phones also cater to not just one market but essentially every market. Entry level users, they have the Nokia C6-01. For mid-range, the Nokia C7. For the upper range the Nokia N8. And for the business users, they have the Nokia E7. I particularly like the E7 which has a physical keyboard and a bigger 4.0″ touchscreen. 😉

Gerry Ilagan

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