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The computer is the phone. The phone is the computer.

Sun Cellular offers broadband service

Sun Cellular has recently joined the 3G bandwagon by introducing Internet broadband services. The current offering of Sun Cellular has upped the ante for broadband services in the Philippines.

suncellular broadband


One of its offering for mobile broadband Internet access has a “flat rate” of 999 pesos. The plan offers up to 400Kbps in download speed. I’ve tried viewing Youtube videos from one of the Sun Cellular shops and I must say that the videos played smoothly without the “stuttering” that’s all too familiar in one of the all to familiar local broadband providers.

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Design your own Netbook, Notebook or Gamer PC

How does being able to create/design the specifications of your next notebook, netbook or gamer’s notebook PC sound to you? I’m sure every notebook or netbook owner would want to voice out their opinion on how the next netbook or notebook will come out of production.

Well, here’s an exciting idea introduced by Intel and ASUS.

… consumers can collaborate with each other and with Intel and ASUS to design innovative new products. The plan is for the two companies to deliver to market what could be the world’s first community-designed PCs.

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List of instant messaging software for mobile phones

Instant messaging on mobile phones is getting more and more popular with the continuing focus of mobile network providers to encourage people to use their cell phones to connect to the Internet. I have checked out some of the available instant messaging software applications that you can install on your mobile phone so that you can communicate with your online buddies, friends and family.

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