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The Apple iWatch. Why it’s taking too long

The next revolution would be our watches. We will start wearing watches that will do a lot of other things besides telling us the time of day. Rumors having been all around the Internet about Apple’s secret work on creating a “smart watch” which they will probably call the iWatch. Now it seems that I won’t be seeing it this year.


Apple is known for it’s great products – they want their products to be perfect. Here’s some reasons why I think Apple is taking too long to put out the iWatch – FEATURES.

Feature #1: FaceTime using the iWatch. With the iWatch, you don’t have to take out the iPhone from your pocket – just use your iWatch for that DickTracy moments.

Feature #2: Simon Says. Want your iPhone or iPad to do something for you? Maybe send an SMS or an eMail perhaps… Just say the command via your iWatch. And those voice commands will only respond to your verified voice.

Feature #3: Biometric security. Forget fingerprint scanners to verify ownership. The iWatch lets you identify yourself using DNA technology. It even helps you secure your other iDevices like the iPhone or the iPad. If your iDevices ever gets to leave your proximity, they will automatically lock themselves up using strong encryption. When your iDevices are close to you and you hold them in a reading position, they will automatically get unlocked.

Feature #4: 1TB of storage space. That should be enough to store your Addressbook, Messages, Emails, Photos and some videos. Who needs the cloud – your iWatch is the cloud.

Feature #5: Unlimited power source. The iWatch band is no ordinary watch band. It is a combination of smart nano materials and solar power cells. The solar power cells lets you have an unlimited power source – you’ll never have to look for an electrical outlet. The watch band is also smart enough to recognize you and wrap and lock itself once it touches your wrist. The only way to take it away from you is by your voice command — or someone cuts off your hand 🙂

Feature #6: Always connected. With the unlimited power source and the included Advanced LTE and next generation 1Gbps WiFi, you will always be connected to the Internet – as long as you pay for Network Provider’s service fees 😉 The iWatch now becomes your gateway router for your iDevices.

That said, It’s really getting boring waiting for it. I just hope it comes out next year. And maybe, just maybe, at least one of the above features gets included on the Apple smart watch or should I say iWatch…

Gerry Ilagan

Gerry Ilagan is into mobile apps and WordPress development at @speeqs. He loves to write about electronics, the Internet of Things, mobile phones, and #crazyideas.

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