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The Connected Phone evolution

Recently my wife decided to join the new generation of people that have an always connected phone. She decided that it’s going to be an iPhone for her. With the recent introduction of the Apple iPhone 4S in the local market, she decided to get one from Globe. With her officemate getting an iPhone from Smart, I decided to make a comparison between the two offerings in order to help other people in weighing their decision if they wanted to get an iPhone.  

The offering from Smart that her officemate got was the no cashout, 999/month for 24 months for the iPhone 4S and another 999/month for Smart service that doesn’t include an unlimited Internet service. The Smart offering has the advantage of no cashout but if you think about the disadvantages of not having an always connected phone — it’s sad.  
If you’re decided to get an iPhone from Smart, I’d strongly suggest that you get the Plan 2000 which has a cashout of 2500 pesos instead. If you’re concerned about the cashout, think for a moment. That is just a month’s waiting since you have an extra cash of 2000/month. If you get the Plan 2000, you get unlimited internet, 200 free texts a month and 2.5 hours of Smart to Smart calls.  
No one should even consider getting Smart iPhone Plan 999 w/o unlimited internet. We are now entering a new era of an always connected phone. For practically the same money spent as the Smart iPhone Plan 2000, you get unlimited internet. This means that if you want to capture a moment and upload that photo to Facebook, you can do it everytime without ever worrying about Internet access.  
My wife on the other hand decided to get a 16GB iPhone 4S Globe. It has a higher cashout than Smart’s iPhone Plan but Globe’s iPhone Plan 1799 has a lower monthly — 1799 pesos compared to 2000 pesos of Smart. Both have unlimited Internet access. The deciding factor for her was the 800 pesos consummable of Globe that she can use for texts and calls to ANY network. Let’s face it, we will have friends with phones from other networks and that consummable amount is a boon.  
My wife’s pretty excited about her new iPhone. And I’m a lot more excited about her joining me in the new generation of people that use an ALWAYS CONNECTED PHONE. So if you plan to get an iPhone whether from Smart or Globe, I strongly recommended that you get unlimited Internet. To NOT HAVE UNLIMITED INTERNET on such a powerful phone such as the iPhone would just limit you from the endless possibilities that you can do with an iPhone.

Gerry Ilagan

Gerry Ilagan is into mobile apps and WordPress development at @speeqs. He loves to write about electronics, the Internet of Things, mobile phones, and #crazyideas.


mon eustaquio

Would just like to know the “higher” cash out paid by your wife on the 16 GB Iphone 4S under Globe Plan 1799. This will help me on my decision. Thanks and happy new year.


The cash out is 4800 pesos for the iPhone plus 1799 for the 1st month advanced payment. If you have a BPI credit card, you can pay for the 4800 @ 200 pesos for 24 months zero interest

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