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SMART Plug ‘N Talk: lower call rates for Filipinos abroad

Smart has introduced another innovative product with its new Plug N Talk device for Filipinos abroad wanting to call their families and friends in the Philippines who has either a landline or mobile phone number. By using the device and an Internet connection, a Filipino abroad can easily call a Philippine phone number at local rates of only Php 6.50 per minute. You can even send text messages at only Php 1.00 per message.

I currently don’t have any relatives abroad who doesn’t have an Internet connection so I would think that most Filipinos abroad would have an Internet connection. If you are a Filipino abroad who has an unlimited Internet connection and is currently spending approximately more than 13 US cents per minute when calling the Philippines on top of your unlimited Internet charges then Smart’s Plug N Talk product may be the device for you.


SMART’s Plug ‘N Talk is a USB communication device available from the Philippines that allows those outside the country to call and text from an internet-connected PC to any Philippine mobile and landline number using their SMART SIM.

The USB device is small enough to carry around and use with a PC that has an Internet connection and available USB port. There are no international roaming or hidden charges. With Plug ‘N Talk, the Filipino overseas can receive calls and text messages from relatives in the Philippines for free!

The SMART Plug ‘N Talk is available at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1 and the Mactan Cebu International Airport. SMART Plug ‘N Talk is also sold at the SM Mega Mall in Mandaluyong City as well as in 10 SMART wireless centers nationwide: SM Mega Mall, SM North Edsa, SM South Mall and Robinsons Place Ermita for Metro Manila; Laoag and SM Pampanga for North Luzon, SM Batangas and SM Bacoor for South Luzon, Elizabeth Mall in Cebu City and Limketkai Mall in Cagayan de Oro City.

The Plug ‘N Talk kit is available for only P1,800, which includes the Plug N’ Talk device, an earpiece and a FREE Smart Pinoy SIM.

Gerry Ilagan

Gerry Ilagan is into mobile apps and WordPress development at @speeqs. He loves to write about electronics, the Internet of Things, mobile phones, and #crazyideas.


Juan dela Cruz

Sending and receiving SMS through is a plus for having this device as well as incoming call.

But for outgoing call, I doubt it. There’s a lot of phone card and voip companies which offer cheaper rates in calling the Philippines. Using the computer to place a call should be cheaper, look how magicjack does it.

I have and it cost me $0.11 to call a land line and $0.1330 to call a mobile phone.

And the good thing is, I get to assign a local US number to my contacts in the Philippines. I can contact them anytime w/o using a computer.


how about the rates of the philippine callers? isn’t it the same? I mean it’s like the phillipine callers can call the people from other countries and yet they could be charge a high price because of it?


I purchased the Plug N’ Talk and have been using it for some time now, the voice quality is great and the service is working without any problems.
As for the price, I checked and it is cheaper than Magic Jack.
as for your question, if someone from teh Philippines calls you its just like a local call rate for him since he is calling a Smart mobile number.


If you’re to call a single person in the philippines, i would advise to use magic jack. Otherwise, use this device. I’m using magic jack for almost a year and the service is great.


my plug n’ talk is a waste of not buy this! i bought one & brought it here in the states so i can use it while im on vacation..eventhough my laptop is top of the line & dsl connection is fast..the first time i used it the voice was so slow..there was a long lag..i emailed smart about it and they asked me around 20 questions regarding technical stuffs about my comp n connection. the reason i bought this because they said u just plug then automatically u can use they are asking me about technical not that techie…2ndly, they said there will be an initial load..i did not received any..3rdly, i inquired at their smart center before i left on how to use it & how to load, no one from their customer service knows how to use plug n talk… and lastly now i tried using it again, now the loading box appears but after a while closes without the dial pad appearing so in short I was not able to use it again..i tried using it on 3 different laptops..the dialpad still never launches. BE WARNED PLUG N” TALK IS A WASTE OF MONEY…DO NOT BUY IT!!


Smart’s calling rates are not competitive. I can call PH phone numbers for just PHP4.91/min using Voipcheap. Compare that to Smart’s PHP8.50/min! I do pay a bit more for SMS – PHP1.95/msg to ANY CP # in the Philippines but it averages to about the same cost since Smart charges PHP2.50, anyway, for SMS sent to non-Smart CPs.

The plug-n-talk would be good though if you do business in the Phils and get a lot of incoming calls. Business people are less concered with long distance bills than non-business people. Would your friends, relatives, and former co-workers spend PHP8.50/min to chat with you? Probably not. I just use MagicJack to call family members (and vice-versa) living in my mom’s house. No additional charges apart from the annual US$19.99 (US$39.99 on my first year).


This is the best thing for OFW’s it makes access to family even more possible. I just wish they made it like the magic jack plug a phone into it and use it like a landline. The majic jack nettalk tk6000 are still far cheaper to use for family members like mother and father those you call the most but the plug n play makes it more cheaper to call those other family members and friends. Its easy access to the homeland i guess you can say


The smart plugntalk works even for a 256KB 3G ATT network, I have a laptop and connected my iphone as internet connection.Audio is very clear and no delay.I also use voipcheap although it is cheap there is no match for plugntalk.Here’s why.
My girlfriend has a smart cell phone,she register for unlimitalk. for 500P 30 days,she can call me here in the USA for free unlimited,this is beacuse the sim card soes not need to be roaming!Do not make it roaming otherwise the unlimitalk wont work.I dont need to be on a wifi hotspot because my internet service is in my ATT plan. So if you aloready have an internet plan with your cell phone provider in the USA,this is the best solution for you. Total cost is only $12/month unlimited calling from smart…


The only issue is that you are going to get a lot of disconnection,but she can always redial..


this is great for family who do not have internet connection.


know where I can buy in japan?

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