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Apple Bluetooth 4.0 Bluetooth Proximity

Link ‘n Find links your Apple devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) with compatible Bluetooth 4.0 Proximity Profile enabled devices like keychains, remote shutters, watches, tags, etc. If you have more than one Bluetooth 4.0 Apple device, you can install the Link ‘n Find app on these devices and connect them with each other.

Once the devices are connected, Link ‘n Find will alert you when either of the devices leaves the proximity of the other device. Be alerted when you leave an area without bringing all your connected devices. Or if someone else tries to move your devices away.

You can also send a signal to a compatible Bluetooth 4.0 Proximity Profile enabled device so it can emit a sound. Just listen to where the sound is coming from to locate your device!

Key Features of Link ’n Find

  • Scan for Bluetooth 4.0 Proximity Profile enabled compatible devices that can connect to Link ‘n Find
  • Connect w/ the compatible devices (including iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch that has the app) to monitor their proximity from your iPhone and be alerted when they get far apart.
  • Send a “Find” signal so that other devices start emitting a sound/alert. With just a push of a button on your compatible Bluetooth 4.0 Proximity Profile enabled device, you can send a signal to Link ‘n Find on your iPhone so that it will start emitting a sound.
  • Use your device as a camera connected to a Bluetooth 4.0 Remote Shutter

For travelers, Link ‘n Find helps you monitor your Bluetooth 4.0 enabled devices and alert you if they get out of signal range (usually more than 25 feet depending on the objects around the area.)

Link ‘n Find can also be used as a camera app when connected to a compatible Bluetooth 4.0 remote shutter. Link ’n Find also provides an interface for 3rd party camera apps to use the remote shutter.


Afraid to be too far away from your travel companion? Use Link ‘n Find to alert you of this. Simply connect your Apple device with your companion’s Apple device and let Link ‘n Find send the signal when you get too far apart.

Link ‘n Find works even when it is in the background or your Apple device is in Lock Screen mode. If Link ‘n Find is in the background when the event occurs, it will send you a notification via the iOS Notification Center.

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