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$1 Home Design 3D App for iOS/macOS

I’ve been using an iOS app called iDraw (now called Graphic when Autodesk acquired it). I use it for creating 2D vector graphics for apps and web site I create. It’s great since Graphic (iDraw) is available both on iOS and MacOS.

Recently, I’ve been trying to learn how to create 3D graphics on MacOS for some personal home projects using SketchUp. For personal projects, SketchUp is actually free. I started looking for an affordable 3D graphics app that runs on iOS (especially on the iPad).

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Avatar surpasses 1 Billion dollars, so what

I have never been a believer of measuring the greatness of a movie in terms of gross box office sales. One billion US dollars in gross box office ticket sales in 2009 has an entirely different meaning compared to a decade back. For instance, “Gone with the Wind”, a movie shown in 1939 grossed 390 million dollars. Do you know how much that’s worth in 1939? Titanic, another James Cameroon movie, grossed 1.8 billion USD a decade back when ticket prices cost 4.59 USD.

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Filipinos showcase Blender creations

Blender is an open source 3D animation software that runs on Ubuntu and other Linux distros. The software has created a large number of followers around the world. Being at par with commercial grade 3D animation software, it has been used commercially. A popular example would be the movie Spiderman 2.

Talented Filipino animators have also been using Blender and has resulted into a community of users. Below’s a video sample created by a Filipino animator named “Reynante”. He actually uses other open source software like Gimp, Audacity and VirtualDub for his creative work.

[youtube: 540 437]

These animators can be found frequenting the Pinoy Blender forum which has become a showroom of their works and a place to help each other use Blender.

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