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The 8-hour battery is enough reason to buy a MacBook

I’ve always bought other notebook brands in the past. This year I’ve decided to get a MacBook Pro for one special reason — I want to create an iPhone app. That means I would need to use Mac OS X because developing an iPhone mobile app. The other reason is so that I could test the web sites I create on the Mac. But not everyone needs the reasons I just mentioned to buy a Macbook.

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Managing files with extended attributes on Mac OS X

I’ve recently learned something on the Mac OS X — Extended Attributes. It’s those files where you’d see the at-sign (@) at the end of file permissions when you do an ‘ls -l‘ command on a Mac OS X terminal. I encountered them when I was trying to modify the firmware on my Android based Samsung Spica mobile phone. When I started manipulating the firmware files I’ve downloaded, I noticed that I would have extra files while creating a tar file.

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Syncing a Nokia mobile phone with Mac OS X

I use a Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic mobile phone and there’s no PC Suite on Mac OS X. But unlike Ubuntu Nokia actually created ways to sync their Symbian based mobile phones with Mac OS X data. I found that after a couple of software installs, I can sync my mobile phone contacts, calendar, music, photos, bookmarks and videos to my Mac notebook.

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Moving to Mac OS X

I’ve been a long time Linux user. But recently I’ve started transitioning to the Mac OSX operating system mainly because I have to create mobile apps for the iPhone mobile platform. The move was actually smooth since Mac OSX is just another flavor of the Unix operating system. Most of the software I’ve been using on my Ubuntu computer actually runs on Mac OSX. I’ve decided to write a post about my fresh experiences as being a new Mac user.

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