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The Connected Phone evolution

Recently my wife decided to join the new generation of people that have an always connected phone. She decided that it’s going to be an iPhone for her. With the recent introduction of the Apple iPhone 4S in the local market, she decided to get one from Globe. With her officemate getting an iPhone from Smart, I decided to make a comparison between the two offerings in order to help other people in weighing their decision if they wanted to get an iPhone.  

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MacBook Air and the iPad combined into 1 iDevice

I have this crazy idea that Apple would decide to combine a MacBook Air and an iPad into one iDevice. Although you might say that I should get an ASUS Transformer Prime, it is actually not what I had in mind. I want something better than that. A mobile device that gives a mobile user the best of both worlds. The benefits of an instant on device like the iPad and the availability of a workhorse like the MacBook.

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The 8-hour battery is enough reason to buy a MacBook

I’ve always bought other notebook brands in the past. This year I’ve decided to get a MacBook Pro for one special reason — I want to create an iPhone app. That means I would need to use Mac OS X because developing an iPhone mobile app. The other reason is so that I could test the web sites I create on the Mac. But not everyone needs the reasons I just mentioned to buy a Macbook.

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New MacBook Pro with i5 and i7 Intel CPU

Apple has launched today its upgraded MacBook Pro line of notebooks. One thing I noticed, besides the new i5 and i7 Intel CPU’s are the better battery performance of the new MacBook Pros (MBP). The new MBP now boasts of up to 10 hours between battery recharge for the 13-inch MacBook Pro and 8-9 hours for the 15-inch and 17-inch MBP. The previous MBP’s are rated only at 7 hours — which is already very good in my opinion. I’ve used other brands of notebooks and I can only get as much as 2 hours out of them.

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Moving to Mac OS X

I’ve been a long time Linux user. But recently I’ve started transitioning to the Mac OSX operating system mainly because I have to create mobile apps for the iPhone mobile platform. The move was actually smooth since Mac OSX is just another flavor of the Unix operating system. Most of the software I’ve been using on my Ubuntu computer actually runs on Mac OSX. I’ve decided to write a post about my fresh experiences as being a new Mac user.

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New iPod Shuffle gets 4GB

Apple’s new iPod Shuffle now has 4GB of storage for music and it got smaller the the previous generation. The new iPod shuffle looks like a USB memory stick with a clip. A couple of new features of is on the shuffle. First is VoiceOver. The new iPod shuffle now talks upon your command. It says the songs in a playlist, the song being played ….

The second new feature is that the volume and other controls aren’t on the iPod shuffle device anymore. It’s now attached to the earphones. This is great since the controls are now more easily accessible when you have the iPod shuffle in your pocket or backpack. On the other hand it’s not so great cause you won’t be able to use your favorite ordinary 3.5mm headset anymore. Hmmm, wonder if Apple would charge licensing for manufacturing the special earpieces? I hope we’re not seeing a trend here that’s going all the way to the Nano’s, iTouch and the iPhones.


Apple is building a Kindle 3.0

I read a post by John Biggs at Crunchgear this morning about Apple’s possible new hardware. After reading all the possible scenarios I think there’s another scenario that wasn’t mentioned by John.

He has a point about OEM’s keeping their lips close so it makes you wonder why Wintek or Quanta would spill it out — unless Apple has their blessing. This will keep people wondering but not enough to hurt sales but enough to divert everyone’s attention.

Remember Amazon’s new Kindle software on the iPhone? Well if you have used a Kindle and the iPhone equivalent, what would be your first reaction? The display. It’s not as crisp as the Kindle.

So how about a very high resolution colored display that you can use to read all those books, magazines, comics and of course play music, watch videos including full HD videos on a device that’s thin, as small as a pocketbook. On top of that, it has options like maybe HSPA, Wimax but of course wifi would be built-in. Also how about 3D built-in for those games. Here’s another thought — detachable keyboard option. Price range — about the cost of a Mac Mini. Wouldn’t you wait for it if you’re planning to buy your netbook?