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How to setup brightness keys on Ubuntu based Compaq C700

I’ve been using my Ubuntu-based Compaq C700 (specifically the C793TU) for a while now. For some reason during one of my updates, the brightness special function keys stopped working. I’ve never really gotten to fix the problem until now.

An idea of how to do it actually came from Valdir Silveira Jr’s “Ubuntu in Notebook” post (the post is in Portuguese but I used the ever so useful Google translation service) which did a trackback to my post about installing Ubuntu Linux on Compaq C700. Valdir showed how to adjust the brightness using a terminal session:

echo -n 50 > /proc/acpi/video/OVGA/DD03/brightness

I decided to concoct a couple of bash scripts and map them to the “increase brightness” and “decrease brightness” function keys to allow me to adjust the brightness again.

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