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Better Ubuntu Linux bluetooth management with Blueman

l found (courtesy of Bigbrovar’s post, thanks) a piece of software called Blueman that provides better bluetooth management under Ubuntu Intrepid (it’s also available for other Ubuntu versions). It basicall replaces the current bluetooth manager under Intrepid.

What’s cool about blueman is that in addition to better bluetooth management under Ubuntu, it is also able to manage wireless broadband (GPRS/EDGE/3G) connections hand in hand with Ubuntu’s Network Manager. I’ve tried it on my Motorola RAZR mobile phone and it is able to setup HAL so that I can easily connect / disconnect to the Internet using Network Manager.

The last time I tried if my cell phone is supported by the Network Manager, I had to use the mobile phone’s cable to be able to connect to the Internet. If I wanted to connect to the Internet via bluetooth on my cell phone, I had to setup ppp manually. With Blueman, it’s done automatically for you. Great!

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List of supported cell phones in new mobile broadband feature of Ubuntu

Since the last time I tried out how to setup a 3G connection on Ubuntu Intrepid, I’ve been trying out other cell phones that works with the new feature in Intrepid to allow users to easily connect via their mobile phones.

So far I’ve tried the following GPRS/3G/HSDPA mobile phones and they work under Ubuntu Intrepid.

Current list of supported cell phones in Ubuntu Intrepid’s mobile broadband automatic connection feature:

  • Motorola RAZR (3G/HSPDA works with Network Manager using a cable)
  • Sony Ericsson 810i (3G works with Network Manager using a cable)
  • Nokia N80ie (3G works with Network Manager using a cable)
  • Nokia N95 ( will try out this week 3G/HSDPA works with Network Manager using a cable)

If you have made your mobile phone to work on Ubuntu Intrepid, please leave a comment so I can try and make a list of supported handsets. Thanks.

Sun Cellular offers better broadband pricing

I visited the Sun cellular web site to re-check their mobile broadband offer. It looks like Sun is really determined to capture a sizeable portion of the market. They have made some changes to their current pricing — the Plan 1999 is now Plan 999. Yup for 999 pesos a month, you can have mobile broadband of up to 2Mbps. And that includes a 350 a month unlimited voice and SMS postpaid mobile phone bundled in.


What used to be Plan 999 is now only 799. And is now also burstable up to 2Mbps (hmmm wonder if anyone is really able to reach this speed). It’s unlimited and mobile broadband!

If you don’t like to be locked in, you just pay a one time charge of 2,500 pesos and pay a monthly of 799 — maybe they should just make this prepaid instead of postpaid.

If you are one of the early subscribers to Sun Cellular’s Plan 1999, wonder what would happen?

Sun Cellular offers broadband service

Sun Cellular has recently joined the 3G bandwagon by introducing Internet broadband services. The current offering of Sun Cellular has upped the ante for broadband services in the Philippines.

suncellular broadband


One of its offering for mobile broadband Internet access has a “flat rate” of 999 pesos. The plan offers up to 400Kbps in download speed. I’ve tried viewing Youtube videos from one of the Sun Cellular shops and I must say that the videos played smoothly without the “stuttering” that’s all too familiar in one of the all to familiar local broadband providers.

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