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More Android cell phones for the Philippines

It’s been quite a while since I last posted some of the Android mobile phones that are locally available in the Philippines. You can find my other lists of Android phones here on my site. Since then several other Android cell phones have been released in the local market. Here’s my latest list of additional Android mobile phones that are now available locally.
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First cell phone with wind recognition fron Pantech

I’ve heard about mobile phones with voice recognition, handwriting recognition, face recognition, business card recognition but I have to admit this is the first time I’ve heard about wind recognition for cell phones. At first it seems a little strange as to what possible applications it can have.

Now that Valentine’s day is coming up, maybe pantech should have added a “nano fan” into the earpiece. While whispering sweet nothings to your love ones, you can blow some tingling breeze into her ears.

I’m pretty sure you can probably think of one of your own ideas. 🙂 [via Akihabara News]


Samsung store for Symbian and Windows Mobile software now live

Samsung Mobile has just launched it’s very own store front of Symbian or Windows Mobile software for Samsung cell phones. If you’re a proud owner of a Samsung mobile phone you can now easily find a mobile application for your cell phone with ease. The Samsung Mobile shop also offers downloads of freely available software for different Samsung cell phone models.

The Samsung store will not only benefit the end users. The opening of the Samsung store is also beneficial to mobile software developers creating software for Samsung cell phones. This provides them with another avenue for selling their Symbian / Windows Mobile software applications that run on a Samsung mobile phone. Checkout the Samsung Mobile Store. (via Mobile Burn)


Acer Android mobile phone: Rumor or Truth

It looks like Boy Genius’ smart radar caught a photo of an upcoming Acer mobile phone. What’s blurry besides the photo is whether the cell phone, which might be announced in the upcoming Mobile World Congress this February, is powered by Android or not. The Acer mobile phone has a sliding keyboard and … that’s about it for now on the specs I guess.

We’ll just have to wait until next week when the Mobile World Congress opens up in Barcelona, Spain. Wish we could all join Acer in the announcement plus see all the other mobile goodies just waiting to get released to the public. Want to make a bet on how many Android mobile phones will be announced at the Mobile World Congress? Anyway, here’s the photo of the rumored (for now) Acer Android mobile phone courtesy of Boy Genius Report.


Toshiba TG01 mobile phone with 1GHz Snapdragon

This is the first mobile phone that I have read about that uses the 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile processor. The Toshiba TG01 in all its goodness will be encased in a thin 9.9mm body. Some of the features include HSDPA, GPS, microSD slot and of course Wifi. The TG01 cell phone sports a big 4.1 inch 800×480 pixel touchscreen display.

Toshiba has chosen to create a custom 3D GUI on top of the Windows Mobile 6.1 OS. You don’t have to wait long for photos because Pocket-Lint has some of the shared on their website. [via Engadget]


Rumored Sidekick LX 2009 cell phone

The Sidekick mobile phone is quite popular and has had a loyal following especially in the entertainment industry. Danger, the company behind Sidekick, was actually bought by Microsoft a while back. It looks like a new model of Sidekick LX is coming out. The sleek and thinner look feels good. A quick look at the photo shows that the new Sidekick LX has more curves especially where the keyboard meets the left and right “handle bars”.

Other welcome features include social networking apps, large screen with higher resolution. Oh and from the looks of it, it’s now finally going to have 3G (keeping fingers crossed that it will be 3.5G) and GPS. [via HipTop3]


Dual SIM Android cell phone coming up

General Mobile will be showing off a dual SIM Android cell phone at the Mobile World Congress next month. The mobile phone is said to have a 624MHz Marvell processor, 5 megapixel camera with flash and autofocus, Wifi, and bluetooth. The rendered image and specs look pretty except for the lacking 3G / 3.5G capability. Plus a not too sweet 400×240 pixel display. I think mobile phones this size show at least have a 700 pixel resolution. Better make that 800. [via Android Authority]


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Android gets multi-touch support

When the first Android-based T-Mobile G1 mobile phone came out, it doesn’t have support for multi-touch. Luke didn’t take this sitting down. Instead he created the needed code to have support for multi-touch features on the Android open mobile platform. Although it’s not available on the commercially available T-Mobile G1 just yet, you can alway try it out by replacing your current Android OS (caution: some technical geekiness required 🙂 ).

Watch the video and check it out for yourself to decide whether it’s worth the risk of bricking your Android cell phone. You can read about the details of the multi-touch hack for Android over at Luke’s blog.

[youtube: 540 437]

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