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WGT Golf game now on Chrome browser in time for US Open

Start playing the WGT Golf Challenge on your Chrome web browser. This games for golf fans provides great graphics and gaming user experience while running on your Chrome web browser. It just in time for this week’s opening of the US Open.

The WGT Golf Challenge game’s objective is to swing the club into perfection so that the golf ball is as close to the hole as you can make it. Points are scored depending on how far or near your golf ball is to the hole in the green. Although I’m not much of a golf fan but I’m beginning to like this game. The challenge is to hone your skills to get a perfect swing.

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Lady Gaga endorses Google Chrome

Lady Gaga is probably one of the most, if not the most, expressive single I’ve ever got to watch on video and TV. She sings great music and I particularly love the way she expresses herself in her music. Her spirit and passion to music is really amazing. Looks like she is now endorsing the Google Chrome web browser. You can watch the YouTube video below.



Cool video!

Play Angry Birds for free on the Chrome browser

If you’re using a Google Chrome web browser, one of the things that it has recently offered is a Web store where users can download different apps to enhance their Chrome web browser. You probably have installed at least one of them. Lately much of the focus of the Google Chrome team has been to bring games to users using a web browser.

The speed improvements in combination with HTML5 has made it possible to run games on the Chrome web browser.

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