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HP Compaq CQ20 notebook and Ubuntu Linux – great combination

This year, one of my goals is to put more time into my site so I decided that I should get a smaller notebook than the Compaq C700 I have. This way I can easily carry around a computer and put more time into blogging. I considered buying a netbook but just couldn’t get myself used to the smaller 1024 by 600 resolutions that normally came along with such portables. So I started surfing the Internet sites of local computer shops for a 12-inch notebook instead of going for a netbook. I found that the 12-inch Lenovo G230 has decent specs and a fair price so I off I went to get one.

I’ve used an IBM notebook before and was quite satisfied with it’s quality. When IBM sold it’s notebook business to Lenovo I must admit that I sort of hesitated on the idea of getting a Lenovo notebook. When I got to the store, the notebook was out of stock and I decided to get the G430 instead and went home.

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