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A valid reason for play at work

Playing with the USB Missile launcher gizmo attached to your computer may provide a lot of geeky fan but I doubt that your boss will likely give you a great smile. If you’re thinking about buying one of those nerf USB missile launcher gadget to attached to your computer at work and play around with your co-workers, you may still have a chance at justifying the lost man hours to your boss.


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The real reason why Bill Gates retired from Microsoft

Before Bill retired, most of the news gave out philantrophy as the main reason of his retirement. Being a big event in the world of technology, Microsoft scheduled a press conference for Bill to answer some questions that people are itching to ask him.

In a press conference just before the actual retirement of Bill from Microsoft, one of the reporters who was close to Bill asked the most obvious question.

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The school book phenomena

I’m trying to learn how to use Inkscape on Ubuntu Linux to create some of the graphics I do for creating web sites. While fiddling with Inkscape, I thought donned to 😉 dawned on me about “the school book phenomena” — we’re actually experiencing a technological revolution on the way we use them.

It’s funny that “small children would tug along humongous bags to carry around their textbooks. But as we seem grow into bigger more abled bodies, we also see them carrying less and less of those large books.


So I decided to create a cartoonish image from Inkscape (not that it’s related to the sort of graphics that I am trying to create for web sites 😉 ) about the “School Book Phenomena”. Or should I say the evolution of the text book?

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Pentium 4 computer on wooden wheels

This morning, I was having a conversation with my sister via instant messaging using Pidgin (I wish Pidgin would have support for webcams). She was telling something about how slow her computer was and whether she could make some tweaks to make it faster.

She was a light computer user who uses it just for open office and a lot of Internet browsing. So I asked her to check the specs of her new computer.

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