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Finally got to use Google+

Got my Google+ invite today. I think it’s going to be the first social service from Google that I will actually use besides eMail. Google+ has several features you’d expect from a social software like streams, photo/video/link sharing and group chat.

One awesome feature that I like about Google+ is called Circles. I think that it’s the closest representation to human social interaction. If you’ve used JoinDiaspora, it’s similar to its Aspect feature. All the social networking software that i’ve used so far, except Google+ and JoinDiaspora, does not allow multiple channel relationships which I believe is an essential ingredient to a good social software. Not even Facebook has it — yes you can classify people into lists but that’s just about what you can do.

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Google Apps to stop support for older web browsers

In continuing Google’s support for HTML5, it has decided to stop support for older versions of Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari when using it’s web based suite of Google Apps. The older web browsers lack full support of HTML 5 to implement better user experience features like drag & drop, desktop notifications.

To be able to add features that enhance the user experience Google will drop support for the older browser versions (Firefox 3.5, Internet Explorer 7, Safari 3 and older) starting August 1.

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Lady Gaga endorses Google Chrome

Lady Gaga is probably one of the most, if not the most, expressive single I’ve ever got to watch on video and TV. She sings great music and I particularly love the way she expresses herself in her music. Her spirit and passion to music is really amazing. Looks like she is now endorsing the Google Chrome web browser. You can watch the YouTube video below.



Cool video!

Google has an Official Search blog

You would think that since Google has one core technology that they have really dominated that there would be a blog somewhere in Google to talk about it.

They have an official Google Blog where they sort of publish important announcements on what’s happening within Google. There’s a blog for webmasters, one for Android developers, then there’s one for Gmail

Now they have an Official Google Search blog called Inside Search.

Netbooks find a new Linux friend

The year 2008 saw that Linux has the potential to take on Windows on the netbook market. The smaller brother of the notebook, netbooks is now the craze. Because of it’s size it has the potential of creating a whole new meaning to portable computers. As technology like SSD gets wide acceptance, prices of these devices will inevitably find its way into netbooks. Low power CPUs and improvements in battery technology will also make these netbooks a “all in a day’s work/school” gadget.

Linux’s smaller footprint, more robust architecture, openness and cost effectivity makes it a perfect match for the netbook. The growing acceptance and awareness of the ordinary consumer will contribute to it’s increasing market share. But it looks like that’s not the only thing that will contribute greatly to the acceptance of Linux.

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