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Android gets multi-touch support

When the first Android-based T-Mobile G1 mobile phone came out, it doesn’t have support for multi-touch. Luke didn’t take this sitting down. Instead he created the needed code to have support for multi-touch features on the Android open mobile platform. Although it’s not available on the commercially available T-Mobile G1 just yet, you can alway try it out by replacing your current Android OS (caution: some technical geekiness required 🙂 ).

Watch the video and check it out for yourself to decide whether it’s worth the risk of bricking your Android cell phone. You can read about the details of the multi-touch hack for Android over at Luke’s blog.

[youtube: 540 437]

Site of the Week: Very cool hacks

The Internet is full of very creative people. I regularly surf around to check out some sites. I’ve decided to at least post a web site the I think are very cool and creative. This week I found this site actually from a link at Gizmodo — a very good that posts geeky gadgets and stuff.

Here’s one photo I found on the web site called Datamancer. Do you know what this is? If you guess some kind of a clock then you are a long shot away correct answer — well technically it’s run by clock. 🙂


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