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Modified mobile phone that detects diseases

Scientists at UCLA has hacked / modified an ordinary off-the-shelf cellular phone so that it can be used to detect certain diseases like HIV and malaria. This breakthrough is good news specially for less financially abled countries that couldn’t afford to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy the current medical equipment. Another advantage of the device is that it can be used to detect diseases in matter of hours as opposed to having to wait for days using current technology. It can even be used in far flung places because of the portability of the ordinary cell phone.

UCLA researcher Dr. Aydogan Ozcan’s device uses the camera sensor of a cell phone, filtered lighting and specially developed software to analyze the cell’s distinctive qualities to detect diseases.


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Linux (Android next?) on the iPhone

I guess it will only be a matter of time before we get a full blow Linux (and probably Android) distro for the Apple iPhone. The iPhone-dev people have announced the successul porting of Linux of on the Apple iPhone.

Although this is a basic kernel port with a shell compiled from the Busybox package. This paves the way for a very good future to porting a whole bunch of distros to the iPhone including the new Android open mobile platform.

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