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How to reinstall the grub boot manager on Ubuntu Linux

My new Compaq CQ20 noteobook has a “recovery button” feature which I really haven’t gotten to checkout. The other day while setting up Ubuntu, I inadvertently pressed on the button which resulted to a “missing operating system” message when I got my notebook restarted. That recovery button should really be moved to a separate location or better yet have a disable feature option. I know that my data is still intact and that maybe the boot sector was the only area on the disk that was affected.

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Make Money: How to integrate Amazon aStore to a WordPress blog

One of the many ways to make money is to sell items from the Amazon online store. has made it easy for anyone to make money online by selling the products available on their shop. All you need is to follow some steps and you’ll be able to start making money online via referral fees on the products that were sold.

What makes it even better is that if you have a WordPress blog, you can easily integrate an Amazon aStore into your blog. You can choose items that you want to sell within your WordPress site and even link to these items. The Amazon aStore can even be customized to integrate it’s look and feel with your WordPress blog.

I’ve created an Amazon aStore for my blog as an example of how easy the Amazon aStore can be integrated into WordPress. The Amazon aStore is free and costs nothing to maintain. You can earn referral fees for every item that you sell. The referral fees from Amazon can be sent to you via check upon reaching a certain level.

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How to install NetBeans 6.5 on Ubuntu Linux desktop edition

NetBeans IDE version 6.5 has added PHP into its arsenal of supported languages. NetBeans, like Eclipse, started out as an integrated development environment for creating Java applications. The NetBeans IDE now has support for creating software using different languages like C/C++, Ruby, Java, J2ME, JavaFX and recently Javascript and PHP. The addition of support for PHP is exciting because not only is PHP the most used scripting language on the Net, it also offers a low learning curve and very easy to use powerful language for creating web applications.

If you want to create PHP, Java, Javascript, Ruby, J2ME, C or C++ applications and you are using Ubuntu Linux you can use NetBeans as your integrated development environment (IDE). Version 6.5 even provides enhanced support for several web frameworks like Hibernate, Spring, JSF and JPA. Trying out or installing the latest version of NetBeans IDE on Ubuntu Linux desktop edition can be easily done by following these simple steps.
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How to install apache, mysql, php on ubuntu linux desktop

I use my Ubuntu installed Compaq C700 for PHP development (mostly WordPress related development). I thought I’d post some articles on my current setup for others. On this post, I thought I’d write about how to install the Apache web server, MySQL database server and the PHP scripting language on a Ubuntu desktop edition environment.

Apache, MySQL and PHP is not installed by default on the desktop edition of Ubuntu. Setting up a LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) environment on Ubuntu is actually quite easy. Just follow the steps on this post and you’d be able to have your own LAMP environment setup in no time.

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How to setup brightness keys on Ubuntu based Compaq C700

I’ve been using my Ubuntu-based Compaq C700 (specifically the C793TU) for a while now. For some reason during one of my updates, the brightness special function keys stopped working. I’ve never really gotten to fix the problem until now.

An idea of how to do it actually came from Valdir Silveira Jr’s “Ubuntu in Notebook” post (the post is in Portuguese but I used the ever so useful Google translation service) which did a trackback to my post about installing Ubuntu Linux on Compaq C700. Valdir showed how to adjust the brightness using a terminal session:

echo -n 50 > /proc/acpi/video/OVGA/DD03/brightness

I decided to concoct a couple of bash scripts and map them to the “increase brightness” and “decrease brightness” function keys to allow me to adjust the brightness again.

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Ubuntu kernel 2.6.24-21 update breaks my wifi and Virtualbox on Compaq

Last night before going to bed, I installed the recent kernel updates of Ubuntu. The update required a reboot so I decided to call it a day and shutdown my notebook instead of restarting and continue with what I was doing.

When I opened up my notebook (Compaq C793TU) today, the wifi and Virtualbox may have stopped working. Since a lot of people have been reading the following articles:

I decided to post what I did to fix the problem in case some of you might need the information.

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Flash Player 10 download available (Ubuntu 8 supported)

flash player 50x50

Adobe has released version 10 of its Adobe Flash Player for the Linux (includes support for Ubuntu 7 and 8), Windows and Mac platforms. Some key features included in the release are 3D transformation and animation, custom filters and effects, advanced audio processing and GPU acceleratioin.

I’ve updated the Flash Player on my system to checkout the new Adobe Flash Player 10. The update came out smoothly I just downloaded the Debian package for Ubuntu 8.04 and did the following on a terminal session:

$ sudo dpkg -i install_flash_player_10_linux.deb
[sudo] password for kihbord:
Selecting previously deselected package adobe-flashplugin.
dpkg: considering removing flashplugin-nonfree in favour of adobe-flashplugin ...
dpkg: yes, will remove flashplugin-nonfree in favour of adobe-flashplugin.
(Reading database ... 163886 files and directories currently installed.)
Unpacking adobe-flashplugin (from install_flash_player_10_linux.deb) ...
Setting up adobe-flashplugin ( ...

You can get it at the Adobe Flash Player 10 download page.

How to upgrade to Open Office 3.0 on Ubuntu Linux

I use the Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy) Linux on my notebook. Not wanting to wait for the availability of OO 3.0 from the repository I went ahead and downloaded the new Open Office 3.0 now that the Open Office web site has provided some alternative download sites for version 3.0.

The upgrade from version 2 to version 3 was actually easy. I’m posting the procedure here on my blog for others.

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Stop hotlinking to your site

How to handle hotlinking. For the last couple of days, my attention was drawn to the problem of hotlinking, inline linking, leeching, piggy-backing, direct linking, offsite image grabs, bandwidth theft or whatever you may want to call it. A lot of discussion about hotlinking is on the Internet as to whether it should be allowed or not allowed.

I try to be a bit more tolerant and usually wouldn’t mind getting them every now and then. This morning, what caught my attention was that the amount of hotlinking to images by certain sites which may cause degradation to other visitors to my site especially if the hotlinked images are large.

Is hotlinking bad for your site or not? Doing a search on the Internet will usually show you steps on how to stop others from hotlinking to your site. Some users would stop the hotlinkers cold by forbidding them access to the files. Others would redirect them to images that displays warnings.

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